Jillian Michaels Caught Cheating on The Biggest Loser, Results Invalidated

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A cheating scandal has rocked The Biggest Loser.

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    Seems like a ploy to get Ruben back on the show for ratings.


    She needs to be taken off the show altogether because she can no longer be trusted, nor can anyone she mentors in the future.


    Of course the caffeine supplement scandal was a phony excuse to bring Mr. Stoddard back. While I do watch the show, an elimination should be kept as such, at least until the end of the competition. The Biggest Loser has brought back ousted contestants before the end of the series who have lost serious weight at home (maybe it was thought Ruben wouldn't be able to do it away from the ranch). But it is so obvious the ABC/Disney execs didn't want to suffer any immediate ratings decline from his dismissal. Guess they had had to come up with something & Jillian agreed to be the "baddie." So lame.


    Totally rigged. They needed Ruben on the show so a few more people will watch it. She took the hit to help the ratings.


    Don't watch the show, but I feel certain if the stakes are high enough rules will be tweaked when possible.


    Michaels is the biggest loser ever. I have a disability and wrote her once asking for suggestions/help to modify the program, even though I don't like her. The answer I got was basically "our program comes with modifications included, if you can't cut it, tough." While I'm sure she directly has no idea this ever happened, because it most likely went through a publicist, etc. She has turned into one of the "mean girls in school." I do not know how she got where she is, I would have to punch her out if she talked to me that way. That is NOT for a persons own good, I know the words would come back to haunt me and I'd hate her and not continue. Definitely not my type of motivator/person.

    @ OneQuill

    WOW you don't like her , but you ask for advise and don't like the answer you got so you now hate her. Get a life, she doesn't owe you anything. You are not a paid client of hers. Are you hating on her cause she is fit and you are not?


    It's TV folks. That's all. Only TV. For your entertainment only.


    Well, if that's what she thinks of caffeine supplements vs. coffee, then why didn't she just go ahead and give them all speed? What an idiot.


    So! She cheated. Who is the BIGGEST LOOSER HERE?
    I would have to say her contestant partner.
    Jillian, just go home and lick your lips....


    I agree that I believe that this is something that the show concocted to bring Ruben back. I also do not feel that caffeine supplementation is NOT cheating, nor any other supplementation intake that can be purchased over the counter. Thyroid medication can help them lose weight too right? Are any of them on thyroid medication? I've also heard about certain brands of insulin can be extremely beneficial for weight loss. My wife and I love the show and we will continue watching. We love all of the judges, but I was really excited about Jillian's return. She is amazing.

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