Jennifer Lopez Slams Plastic Surgery Rumor

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Jennifer Lopez is all about keeping it real. She's still Jenny From the Block, remember?

So it comes as no surprise that the American Idol judge would take exception to a doctor speculating on Twitter that she's undergone plastic surgery over the course of her career.

On Monday, Dr. Ayham Al-Ayoub posted side-by-side images of the artist and wrote that J. Lo is "naturally pretty, but now looks amazing" and shows "many signs of #plasticsurgery."

Let's stop for a moment and note the hilarity of Al-Ayoub hash-tagging "plastic surgery" in its his random, supposedly professional analysis.

Lopez, however, saw nothing to laugh about in this situation, writing back:

"@DrAyoubi Sorry Sir, but I have never had plastic surgery of any kind. #fact.”

Al-Ayoub then replied with sincere apologies and claimed that his assistant was the one who sent the accusatory Tweet.

So Lopez wins this battle, the same way she won awhile ago with her message to weight critics.

Still, we need to ask: Do you think Jennifer Lopez has undergone plastic surgery?



My favorit artist j-lo wil do nfn like that,she is naturaly nd purly beautiful nd wl alwayx be real not like beyounce


Ugh ! "Jennifer Lopez" is just So Ugly.


NO WAY...MY LOVE JLO is always Honest and if you see good changes about her is because of living healthy and doing good things Like Drinking Water.sleeping well,Not Drinking alcohol .Not Smoking.Not Taking Drugs..,... JLo is so pure and will be ..SHE IS SO REAL !


It's called makeup!!!


I'm sorry but her skin is too amazing. She's had a lil botox, nothing crazy but it's stopped her aging.



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