Jeanne Deroo, ELLE Beauty Editor, Dons Blackface for Some Reason

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Simply put: What the ELLE, Jeanne Deroo?

For reasons yet to be made clear, the Beauty Editor of this world famous fashion magazine posted to Instagram over the weekend.

Of herself in blackface.

Jeanne Deroo in Blackface

Why is her skin made-up to be so dark and why is she wearing an afro wig?

She's trying to be hip we guess? Or something? Deroo did not include a caption with the photo.

But the issue of blackface in Hollywood has been a controversial one for decades now and it was brought to the forefront on Halloween when Julianne Hough went blackface as a character from Orange is the New Black.

What do you think of this Jeanne Deroo photo?


I like to ware wigs and have weaves out in my hair because I don't like the pube-like nappiness on my head all natural. So I wear horse hair or acrylic fake hair.


Om my gosh that is rasist and degrading because it looks like she has blackface on her face and that is not aceptible nowdays in this area of the world! What does she come from 1785 or something that is so backwords by todays way of acting.


for the same reason that nigers and jews wear white people hair wigs and try to look "white " --- becassse she feels like it --- so ... mind ur fucking business !!!


this because Black is the new White, folks!!

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