Gavin Arvizo, Michael Jackson Abuse Accuser, Getting Married and Harassed By Trolls

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Gavin Arvizo, a young man who as a teenager accused Michael Jackson of sexually abusing him during sleepovers at Neverland Ranch, is getting married.

As a result, deranged Michael Jackson fans are coming out of the woodwork to harass him on Twitter. Seriously. This is actually a thing that's happening.

Gavin Arvizo, Michael Jackson

One Jackson admirer declared regarding the nuptials: “Words cannot express how much I hate these people… Every time I see them, my blood boils.”

Another MJ supporter raved: “All those who wronged MJ and went unpunished ... will still be punished by Gods laws in his court!” Yet another declared:

“It has perhaps not occurred to Gavin’s wife to be that he is a man incapable of compassion. Michael saved his life and he worked hard to destroy Michael."

"He will do the same thing to her.”

Others left similar messages abusing Arvizo, who will wed his girlfriend of two years, Shelby Lynn Drake, the daughter of a minister, in Georgia this month.

Gavin Arvizo has rarely been seen in public since the 2005 molestation case, in which current accuser Wade Robson defended Jackson, ended.

In a 2010 interview, Santa Barbara Senior Deputy District Attorney Ron Zonen, who prosecuted the Arzizo case, revealed details of the accuser’s new life.

“He’s a deeply religious young man, in a relationship with a young woman, the daughter of a minister,” Zonen said. “He attends church on a regular basis."

"He doesn’t drink, doesn’t do drugs. He’s delightful in his presentation.”

In a 2003 TV documentary, Living with Michael Jackson, Arvizo was seen holding MJ’s hand and snuggling his head in his lap as he talked about sleeping in the star’s bed.

Later, it was Zonen who told the court that “something terribly illegal” happened at Neverland. “They rode rides, went to the zoo, ate whatever they wanted."

"There was only fun. At night, they entered into the world of the forbidden. They learned about sexuality from someone only too willing to be their teacher.”

Jackson was acquitted of conspiracy to commit extortion, false imprisonment and child abduction, molestation and giving a child, Arvizo, then 13, an intoxicating drink.

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If you're going to make false allegations against someone as big and controversial as Michael Jackson then deal with the consequences. Yes Gavin Arvizo DID lie about being molested by MJ. Phone records clearly showed that MJ wasn't even at Neverland during the time he and his family were there, which is why they were all caught in so many lies and couldn't nail down specific dates. MJ knew this kid for nearly 3 years. The allegations came only AFTER he appeared holding hands with him in Bashir's damaging documentary. His family obviously wanted compensation for his appearance in the film.


Not only that, but they put the personal details of Jason Francia (another boy molested by Jackson) online so he could be harassed too. Check out @sanemjfan, who doesn't live up to his Twitter username

@ Collette

@INsanemjfan also posted Wade's personal facebook so that fans can send him messages to harrass him

@ Collette

amen to that!! i always felt like he needs to be called @INsanemjfan


well, one thing's for sure: HE IS A TRUE LIAR.