Fifty Shades of Grey Movie: Delayed Until 2015!

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In a seemingly inevitable move, the release date for Universal's upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey movie has been delayed until Valentine's Day 2015.

The movie had been scheduled for an August 1, 2014 release, but production in Vancouver has already been pushed back due to recent turmoil.

Northern Irish actor Jamie Dornan, who plays kinky billionaire Christian Grey, replaced Charlie Hunnam in the lead role and needs time to prep.

Fortunately, he also found the time to pose for EW's new cover story:

  • Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson
  • Jamie Dornan: Christian Grey

The studio insists that the move was also necessitated by the hectic summer schedule that the Fifty Shades of Grey movie was originally competing in.

Guardians of the Galaxy hits theaters next year, and other studios are moving films from June and July to August to avoid the World Cup in Brazil.

“We see this movie as a global event,” Universal chairman Donna Langley said.

"The strength of this book is worldwide, so we want to take advantage of women who are invariably on vacation with their families during the month of August in Europe.”

Thus, the idea of a Friday, February 13, 2015, release date was conceived.

“[We are] convinced that the right thing to do for the movie was to push it,” Langley says. “Even if Charlie had stayed, we still would have been making the date change.”

Regardless of the release date and the reasons behind it ... new pics!!!!!

Here's your first look, officially, of Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson together in the roles of Christian Grey and Ana Steele. What do you think of the pairing?

  • Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson
  • Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson Photo

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