Farrah Abraham Really Wants New Book Cover For Some Reason

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Farrah Abraham has had an eventful week, between getting OWNED on Bethenny and her previously secret relationship with Brian Dawe going public.

Not surprisingly, she's trying to re-focus the media attention ... by talking about how she wants a new cover for her memoir, My Teenage Dream Ended.

Yes ... incredibly, Farrah had a book out long before she did porn.

Farrah Abraham Book

Farrah says she wants to update the cover because "Sofia is cute" now. Then again, she says Sofia should get a life, so take that with a boulder of salt.

Also, does that mean Sofia was not cute then? Just look at her?

Other theories for why she wants a new book cover include ...

  1. To show off her extensive plastic surgery
  2. Keeping her name in the media 24/7/365
  3. Reminding us that she even has a book
  4. To drive sales of book (kind of obvious)
  5. Reminding us that she can read (sorry)
  6. She just cares that much about her "art"
  7. She loves to look at pictures of herself
  8. She wants to plug her Amazon wish list
  9. She wants to pose nude or topless on it
  10. She wants to forget her music "career"

Too late for that last one, Farrah Abraham. Too late.


Free Brittany your at it again putting trash out about Farrah.. SD to see another woman go after another woman with lies... Shame on you!


LABradford ... Where is your opinion coming from? Not facts.. Because no one really knows how Sophia is going to respond but I am part of the A rah am family and I know Aophia and Garrah have a strong and wonderful relationship ... So back off with you statements if rumors


Memel it was more than published ... It was on the New York Times best seller list for over 6 months you moron.. Your a number one hater with no facts to back up you opinions

@ The+one

Okay, Mr. Abraham, once again you stop responding when faced with REAL facts. You come on here, post just long enough to call us all names & insist that we don't have the facts. You, however, NEVER back up your facts. EVER. I was referring to what Farrah said on Bethenny. I was referring to what is in black & white in the book. I was also referring to the two very different stories Farrah told on Dr. Phil & Bethenny about how the HARD CORE PORN tape came to be in the first place. BOTH stories cannot be true. That is what we call a lie. I left out the third version I heard her tell on ANOTHER video interview. So here is your chance to dispute my comments. What exactly did I say that wasn't true?? Any review you read will tell you that the book was poorly written. That's not just my opinion, but the opinion of every critic that I saw write about it. I said nothing about the New York Times Bestseller list. That list has nothing to do with the quality of the book. It has to do with sales which can be attributed to a lot of different things, such as curiosity & the infamy of the subject. So I think I've once again, backed up all my words with fact. Now it's your turn. Which of my facts would you like to dispute? But remember, YOU have to back up your facts as well. I'm waiting....

@ The+one

Hey, wait a minute before you call ME a moron...I said NOTHING about the book being on the New York Best Seller list. I don't care WHAT list it was on. It was poorly written, but I guess you wouldn't realize that considering YOU'RE spelling & grammar is pitiful. I said that I could not believe she would let Sophia read that as a young teen. That is what she said she was going to do on Bethenny. I saw it myself. That is what you call a fact. The book contains graphic sexual content concerning Sophia's father. Sorry to be blunt, but the she talks about what Derek's cum smelled like, what sexual positions he preferred, ect. ect. Now, do YOU think this would be appropriate for Sophia to read on top of having to discover that her mother did a HARD CORE PORN TAPE, lied about the whole thing ( I saw her tell 2 different versions of that story myself. One on Bethenny, & one on Dr. Phil. They can't BOTH be true. Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself), and attached her name to a reproduction of her vag & bhole for weirdos to hump on?? If you DO, then you might want to reconsider whos' the moron here! Everything I said WAS fact. Facts from her book & facts from her appearance on Bethenny. Every time someone puts the truth out there, her family whines that she's being victimized & wants to brag about whatever money she's made on her disgusting "endeavors." It's certainly no wonder that she says & does the things she does. Now I see she has another fake boyfriend??? LOL!! Heck I don't hate the girl, she's way to entertaining for that!!


I couldn't believe my ears when Farrah told Bethenny that the first thing she plans to do when Sopia hits puberty is hand her a copy of this book. The book details her sex life with Sophia's father, Derek, in graphic detail. It also portrays Derek to be pretty much a loser. The reviews even say that this book is inapropriate for teens. Bethenny obviously hasn't read it (imagine that) or else she would have been incredulous whenever Farrah said that. By the way, it's so poorly written that I CANNOT believe anyone published it. Wow.


.........with THONGS???


Her daughter is going to hate her, and hopefully treat her worse than she treats her mom.

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