Danielle and Kevin Jonas: Faking a Pregnancy? Planning a Phony Miscarriage?!?

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Kevin Jonas has allegedly come up with a way to distract fans from the sad breakup of The Jonas Brothers:

Fake a pregnancy!

According to an anonymous Blind Gossip source, Kevin and wife Danielle are NOT actually expecting a child, despite the exciting announcement made by the couple in July.

"The entire pregnancy was a lie from the very beginning," reads the story on that random website, which goes on to claim the couple conjured up this tale in order to boost ratings for their E! reality show.

But what about Danielle's baby bump?

It was just a pillow initially and has since been upgraded to five fake bellies from a company called Moon Bump.

And that may be the most scandalous part of this whole thing: There's a company called Moon Bump that specializes in phony pregnancy bellies?!?

Kevin and Danielle Jonas

The insider goes on to say that Danielle will suffer a "miscarriage" at some point in the near future, as the couple hopes to elicit sympathy from fans… who will then watch their show more and buy their merchandise more.

Moreover, it's not just Danielle and Kevin in on this crazy scheme.

“Every single member of the Jonas and Deleasa families were in on this lie from the very beginning,” says the mole. “Every interview that Kevin and Danielle and Joe and Nick gave talking about how excited they were to be parents and uncles was a lie.”

Are you buying an iota of this allegation, THGers?


Tabloids are ridiculous. There are no reasons to suspect that they made this up. It is 99% more likely that tabloid trash make up stories like these to get more clicks, views, and purchases at the magazine rack. Nevermind that it's pretty cruel and libelous.


Miscarriage is a horrible thing!!! Why on earth would someone want to fake one for sympathy?! I never watched the show or listened to the Jonus Brothers. And this just made me sick. Hopefully it's not true. If it is karmas a bitch!

@ Valerie

Tabloids always make up stories; it is what they do.


I don't care either way if they are. It's their lives not mine, yours, or anyone I or yall know personally so obviously it doesn't effect anyone except the people involved. If it's true they'll get karma after them if it's false good luck to them.


Most likely this sad story is true. I've been reading it all over the internet sites for quite a few months now, and from many varied sources. When THAT many reportings happens (and over many months' time) there is probably some truth in there somewhere. However, boosting ratings for their show was only one reason for this bizarre behavior (if it's indeed true).

@ Faye

While there have been several sites sharing this allegation, every single one of them has the exact same information, from the same Blind Gossip source. If it was true, you would expect the story to develop over time, which it hasn't.


This is so STUPID! Kevin and Danielle have been talking about having a kid for more than a year now and you are seriously going to go and make this up? Explain why her boobs are HUGE and she's gaining in her face and arms? Pregnancy. That's why. This is the biggest load of shit I've ever seen in my life. Danielle is for sure pregnant. Why would they plan a tour AFTER they announced she was pregnant if they were going to break up and that was the plan all along? The Jonas Brothers did a lot of planning and setting up so why would they do all of that if this was supposedly the plan all along...? Explain that one. This is so stupid and I feel bad for anyone that buys into this shit.


it's terrible how people come up with this BS! We already know Dani has anxiety problems, why would she fake a pregnancy, wouldnt that make anxiety worse?


Why not? Beyonce did it

@ crowgirl

How did beyonce fake a pregancy if Blue Ivy aka HER FRIKIN DAUGHTER was born???

@ Angelica W.

Ummmm Dumb Ass it's called a SURROGATE I'm sure you've heard of what they do right ? I mean you can't be that dumb,big difference tho Bey n Jay have way more $$$ than those fake asses do so they could easily afford to pay another women to carry their child that was easily done by IVF...So that's how Bey faked her pregnancy


Blind Gossip is a FAKE SITE. This guy is known for making up fake blind items. Why in the hell would you post anything from that site? Plus that site gave me a virus.


I guess only time will tell


Didn't she just have a huge baby shower in the last few weeks? I don't think it's fake.

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