Dakota Johnson on Fifty Shades of Grey: Bring on the Boning!

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Dakota Johnson says she knew she wanted to play Anastasia Steele in Fifty Shades of Grey even before she read the popular erotic novel trilogy.

Her resolve only strengthened once she had a chance to.

Dakota Johnson as Ana Steele

"I just really understand it," Johnson said of the coveted role she's been given. "I think it's an incredible love story, and that's why it's affected so many people."

"Erica [author E.L. James] did a really good job of explaining how that can happen, you have this chemical pull to someone. The sex makes it perfect."

"Sometimes you feel a little bit naughty, and that's okay."

The actress, whose parents are Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson, says no one except her boyfriend, actor Jordan Masterson, knew she was even up for the part.

When Dakota Johnson got the role, she was at a friend's apartment. "The phone rang, and I remember looking out of this apartment to an apartment across the street."

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson
Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson Photo

"And I was looking at all of these people in their windows. And I thought, 'How funny would it be if I were watching people having sex right now?'"

"They said, 'You got the offer,' and I couldn't speak," she continues. "I was just so relieved. I was crying and crying. Water was literally squirting out of my eyes."

"And there's this giant Doberman Pincher laying on the bed next to me. And he just slowly fell asleep. It was so special and [this dog] didn't give a f--k about me."

A lot of people will give a f--k about her role as the student who begins a sexually adventurous relationship with billionaire Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan).

The release of the much anticipated Fifty Shades of Grey movie has been pushed back to February 2015, but production begins next month in Vancouver.

Dakota Johnson as Ana Steele: Good choice?


This movie is going to be worst than twilight...The cast is terrible, but the worst choice is Dakota, with so many attractive actresses they had to choose this trashy chick, who looks super old, full of wrinkles and bags, and what's wrong with that hair that looks fried. The dye job doesn't look like it turned out well.


this movie is going to be the biggest piece of crap ever produced both actors are terrible, director & producer are terrible... dump it already!! Dakota is pure filth, the character of Ana is suppose to be innocent, you are going to get that with that trashy girl!

@ Patty

horrible cast. this EW spread is a joke. they only see the $$$$. this isnt twilight, this is FSOG where the characters are described in detail every chapter. you cant oversee that when casting. the director hired dakota because she looks identical to her. take a look at pics of dakota and the director sam taylor johnson side by side , its eerie, the two are identical to one another. the director mustve thought anna looks like her not like the anna EVERYONE READ in the books.


She dakota look to old for this part of ana in top of that she not very good looking at all ana in the book is BEAUTIFUL this is a very sad casting this film is not going to do very good at all.


This is going to be more shitty than Twilight... and twilight was pretty shitty.


making love will never be the same...............

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