Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison: It's Over?!?!?!?

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According to a new report, it is all over for Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison.

We'll give you a few moments to pick your jaws up off the floor...

Sources tell Radar Online that Stodden has simply "called it quits" on her three-year marriage because she wants to go in her own direction.

It's also possible she finally realized that Hutchison is 34 years older than she is.

“She is done with him and he’s totally heartbroken,” the insider tells Radar, adding that Doug knew it was risky to marry a teenager but "he genuinely fell in love with Courtney and didn’t realize how much his life would be changed after they got married."

Stodden and Hutchison shocked the world when they got married in June 2011. She was 16 at the time. He was 51.

Since then, the pair has often grossed us out with displays of public affection, while Stodden has seen her stock rise from that of a Z-lister to that of a Q-lister.

She recently completed a run on Big Brother UK and said the experience made her feel like a "grown woman." And, along those lines, she's now ready to see the world for herself.

“She is branching out and doing her own thing and Doug is getting left behind," Radar reports. "It's over."

Can you believe it, readers? Oh... right. So can we.




And this surprises who? She is just another teen slut, using her wiles and her over developed body to go gold digging...with her agent mommies permission of course. Now that she can branch out and legally use her body to get more "see me" time (which will only be her posing nude more often...probably as the "new" teen sensation in the porn industry for a year when the next flavor comes out), she is no longer interested in the "old man" that got her all the face time with the other Hollywood sickos. Now, she and her Manager Mommy will live off the divorce settlement until the next rich victim comes along for her to fall "in love" with for the next couple of years. But now they have to aim a little higher because it impossible for two gold diggers to live off $10,000-$100,000 a month in alimony...especially when there are new shoes to be bought every day. Hollywood men watch out and make sure there is a prenuptial agreement after she and mom state their never ending love for you.


people are fed up with cheap boy's & girls!!


That's what you get for marrying a KID! Of course she's going go grow up and move on from DADDY...because that's really who the mothafuka was, her goddamn daddy. Spew.

@ Vincent

Not even her Daddy....Her's sick!!! Glad she has seen the light!!! :/

@ Vincent

Ahhhh..... Yes! All the way around.

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