Cheating Girl Confronted By Guys in Humiliating Fashion: Right or Wrong?

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Wow. We don't condone cheating, which this girl is apparently guilty of, but wow. Uncool as she is for doing that, the way she was exposed may be worse.

Apparently, she was seeing two guys at once and one found out. Upset, he decided to call the other guy, to inform him what was up with "their" girlfriend.

Understandable ... but then it got a little weird.

The two of them surprised her, confronted her on video in humiliating fashion, then shamed her for it. Repeatedly. Specifically, they called her a slut. A lot.

The repeated, harsh name-calling combined with the fact that this was a premeditated confrontation that they shared on the web? Questionable move, guys.

This was no heat of the moment thing.

The desire for payback after being humiliated themselves, not to mention possibly heartbroken, can be understood. But does that condone their actions?

You tell us: Did they go too far?

Samantha lynn

I love that when a woman confronts the man that cheated on her, she's met with cheers and applause and cries of "You go, girl!" but when a guy confronts a cheating woman, suddenly that makes him a douchebag or a pig. If you cheat (whatever your gender) you get every bit of shame that is coming to you. If you wanna sleep with other people, either be single and non-committed, or be in an open relationship. Don't let your partner think you're serious if you're not. I've seen videos of women who confront a cheating partner by slapping and kicking and screaming at him, and other women don't ever have a problem with it, but a guy calls a cheating girl a slut and everyone loses their shit?

@ Samantha Lynn

That's exactly what I was just thinking as I read this. This site has stories all the time about women completely humiliating their cheating partners that they've only been seeing for a couple of months or less. And the whole online community cheers. But then a guy does the same thing and oh my God, what a horrible person.


Dudes do that all the time. What's the difference? Why is she a slut for playing the same game? I bet they both had side chicks. I say good for her. Get that D girl:)


Goes to show the old sayin' "What goes around, comes around" is sooooo true!!!

@ Angie

How is cheating good for anyone? The man walks away taking the moral high ground after being betrayed and now their relationship is in the toilet. What if she didn't wwnt it to be and has to live with the regret? And just because one man cheats does not mean another does as well. Same goes for women. Besides if view men as unfaithful pigs, would you want for women or a woman (yourself) not being any better or just as lacking in self control and temptation?

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