Charlie Sheen on Brooke Mueller: Evil, Dangerous, AWFUL Parent & Person!

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Charlie Sheen, how do you really feel about Brooke Mueller?

The actor just went OFF to TMZ about his ex, who he accuses of causing his four-and-a-half year old twin boys, Bob and Max, physical and emotional damage.

She's also an "evil and pathetic uber loser" and a "whore."

According to the Warlock, Brooke Mueller is a dangerous, EVIL human being who the "doosh bags" in CPS won't do anything to stop - so he's taking action.

Charlie says the boys are terrified of being in Brooke's house, which is full of pet lizards, various insects and other critters that give them night terrors.

He also says that poor little Bob suffered a rash on his face after recently spending time with Brooke - one that "looked like somebody burned him."

Charlie says he's complained to L.A. Child Protective Services, but those clowns refuse to intervene and strip Brooke of custody she doesn't deserve.

Sheen says Brooke is supposed to get her first unsupervised overnight visit with the two boys Friday, and he is "afraid" of what might transpire then.

Charlie says he's unsure if Brooke is back on drugs, which she's struggled with at length, and which landed the boys under the care of Denise Richards.

He doesn't sound convinced that she's "recovered" from her recent psychiatric hold, however. In fact, he sums up his former spouse succinctly as such:

"She's as awful a parent and a person as you can possibly draw up."

Here's hoping against hope that he's pleasantly surprised tonight.

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Charlie & Brooke can squabble all they want, they're adults. The little boys need to be protected. I can't imagine what Denise is feeling, or the nites she's probably been up just doing what she can to make them feel safe or just comforting them. These babies are nothing but cash cows to Brooke.