Bride Gets Sweet Surprise From Brother: Get Your Tissues Ready.

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From the epic marriage proposals of celebrities to the guy who used his girlfriend's Pinterest board to plan their engagement and their wedding to the couple who learned THE dance from Dirty Dancingthere's something about a good wedding story that just makes people happy. 

And when someone swoops in with a truckload of happiness when the big day is a little sad? Well, yeah, that person's basically a hero.

Andrea's dad passed away before she could tie the knot with her fiance'. Her brother, knowing how much Andrea had been looking forward to dancing with their father, decided to surprise her with a song. 

He recorded "Butterfly Kisses" by Bob Carlisle and played it for her while guests at the wedding took turns dancing with the bride. Grab some tissues and watch the video of this loving tribute now.


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This was my father daughter dance song at my wedding and my dad just passed away. This was so very touching to me.