Breaking Bad Halloween Photo Sparks Laughs, Outcry; Aaron Paul Apologizes For Sharing

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An awesome photo of Little Jesse and Baby Walt - two kids dressed up as the characters from Breaking Bad - spread rapidly across the web this Halloween week.

It even ended up on the Instagram page of Aaron Paul, who plays Jesse, drawing over 100,000 likes. The kids' mother was not one of those approving.

Breaking Bad Halloween Costumes

In fact, despite being a Breaking Bad fan, the mom of the two boys, ages four months and three years, was shocked and confused as to how the photo got there.

What started out as private family fun shared on Facebook quickly took a turn for the worse, and devolved into attacks on her taste and skills as a parent.

"Come on, what's the kid telling his friends? Hey, I'm a meth dealer for Halloween! Not cool, parents," one blogger wrote, criticizing the (hilarious) image above.

The frustrated mother, Meredith, reached out to The Huffington Post to set the record straight, as she wants the world to know she's not a bad mother.

"I'm a stay-at-home mom, and a huge source of joy for me is taking pictures of my kids," she said. "The boys have never been exposed to Breaking Bad."

For the record, her older son did not actually go out dressed as a hoodie-wearing Jesse Pinkman for Halloween; he went trick-or-treating as a giraffe.

Nor did the infant join him as Heisenberg ... which is kind of too bad.

Walter White and Jesse Pinkman

This was all something she staged just for a minute and just for fun, to share with family and friends ... who clearly loved it, shared it and shared it some more.

Soon enough, it caught the eye of the Emmy-winning Paul, whose active presence on Instagram has made him even more beloved among Bad Nation.

The star shared it with his 651,647 Instagram followers, with the caption, "I love these kids' parents so much." Reactions ranged from elated to enraged.

Meredith soon contacted Paul's publicist to ask him to remove the negative comments, while Paul called her personally on Thursday afternoon to apologize.

The 34-year-old reaffirmed, however, that he really enjoyed the photo, even though it was removed from his Instagram account around the same time.

Another cautionary tale regarding the power (and dangers) of social media, where regardless of the intent, few things are truly "private" if posted at all.

Mom should probably keep this in mind if she plans on dressing them up like Saul Goodman and Gus Fring next year ... which we're really hoping for.


haha the best part is she was outraged that it spread on the internet...after putting it on facebook. hahaha


Great costume! At least they're not in blackface or with war paint on. Sissy liberals need to lighten up!!


little kids won't complain.


Jeez its just a costume. Please this halloween have just been getting their panties in a bunch, every costume is offensive or inappropriate. It's just a fucking costume. Get a fucking life.

@ Krista+Downing

Agreed. You hit it on the nose.


This photo is brilliant and people need to leave this mom alone it's humorous and really do we as adult think these toddlers are having a conversation or evn know what breaking bad is?

@ Denise

No kidding. People need to lighten up and not judge. She dressed them up so she must be telling her kids meth is good for them... please. Those complaining need to get off their high-horse. This didn't hurt anyone and I find it hilarious.


Baby Walt is hilarious!!


Mom your are it and I hope you enjoyed your Halloween.


I'm pretty stuffy compared to most and I thought it was funny.

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