Blind Man Kicked Off Plane, Fellow Passengers Exit in Protest

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This story is both irritating and heartwarming.

On Wednesday night, a blind man named Albert Rizzi boarded a U.S. Airways Express flight from Philadelphia to Long Island.

But the flight was grounded for nearly two hours and Rizzi's guide dog became restless while stuck on the runway.

"We were on the ground for over an hour and 45 minutes waiting to take off and the dog became a little disgruntled, agitated because of the vibrations of the plane and inched out from under the seat and was under my legs," Rizzi told 1010 WINS.

He explained that a flight attendant warned him that the canine must be under the seat for take-off, and then she returned a short while later to actually boot Rizzi and his helpful pet from the plane.

Now here's the heartwarming part:

In response and in protest, every other passenger also got up and left.

"Security comes on and they go to take this gentleman off the plane with his dog," fellow passenger Frank Ohlhorst said. "So when we, the passengers, realize what was going on, we were like 'why is this happening? He's not a problem.'"

Rizzi is considering a lawsuit against U.S. Airways, which says it is investigating the incident.

In the meantime, he's "humbled" by the actions of those around him, as all passengers ended up taking a bus back to Long Island. Pretty cool stuff.


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amazing for the other passengers, really heartwarming.


Betcha he didn't see that one
coming!!Obamadrama his sorry ass.


I love and respect each and every person who walked off that plane. They made Statement against the constant bullying of airlines. I hate that they needed to do this of course the man should have never been mistreated, but it takes a lot to make a statement like this. <3

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