SNL Paxil Skit: Anti-Depressant For Obama Second Term Prescribed

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Saturday Night Live, which always has its finger on the pulse of pop culture and current events, has the cure for Barack Obama's recent political depression.

Paxil: Second Term Strength.

With the health care woes seemingly worsening by the day, more than a few people might sign up for this drug ... provided it has a website that works.

Here's Jay Pharoah in the SNL spoof of an anti-depressant for Obama:

Other must-sees from Saturday Night Live this weekend:


Haha- love the emphasis on obongo's black lips. That is real to life. Most who voted for him are deeply lamenting their choice in doing so. Anti-depressants should be dolled out like candy to his voters. Repubs don't medicate like dems.


but still republican are going crazy?

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