Anderson Cooper on Alec Baldwin: What a Ridiculous Liar!

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Alec Baldwin admitted to using an anti-gay slur - but not the one he's been accused of saying - and only after GLAAD told him "c--ksucker" counts.

Or so he claims. The outspoken star then allegedly called one paparazzo a "c--ksucking f-g" outside his NYC apartment building Thursday afternoon.

Baldwin denied using the f-bomb on Twitter, dubiously insisting he said "fathead" instead ... then later coming clean, but only about the word before it.

"Rich Ferraro from @glaad informs me that c'sucker is an anti-gay epithet," he tweeted. "In which case I apologize and will retire it from my vocabulary."

This is the second time that Alec Baldwin has come under fire for using an anti-gay slur, and like the last time, CNN's Anderson Cooper is incredulous.

Cooper went after him today, saying, "Wow, Alec Baldwin shows his true colors yet again. How is he going to lie and excuse his anti-gay slurs this time?"

"Just read Alec Baldwin's latest excuses. They are actually so ridiculous they are funny."

After a Twitter user argued that while Baldwin may be an "idiot," he also has a "right to say" what he wants, Cooper said, "I never suggested he had to apologize."

"He can say whatever he wants, but then why repeatedly lie about it afterwards?"

A fair point. As was GLAAD spokesperson Ferraro's: "Mr. Baldwin can't lend his support for equality on paper, while degrading gay people in practice."

You can check out a video of the incident in question below ...

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be carefull there , Andy the penis candy man !!! alec doesn't l ike sodomy freaks and !!! he's violent !!!! and !!! i hear he doesn't like your beer pitched shaped "jug" head and arab humnped schnooz !!!! alec is angry ,,,, that's bad news for homos !!!!


Maybe the gay sissys should take their feelings off of their shoulders and grow up!!! He did not attack gays he reacted to a person who was probably harrassing him. This makes me dislike gay people even more. They are even bigger cry babies than black people!!

@ George

Right!? Walk on egg shells around gays- "that's gay-ist"! Media calls names/bullies people all the time, but get all bent out of shape when gays are insulted or someone says something about brillo pads.


ignorant people, ignorant posts, even worse than caveman baldwin


Anderson cocksucker. Go wear your mom's Kmart jeans, you bent wrist sissy!!


anderso cooper's balls in his throat are swollen?


Baldwin is an Obama Liberal and of course he is an actor. In the world of pardons Baldwin is higher on the pecking order than your average queer Obama asshole. This is why he cannot be touched BUT don't you queers fret- obama will need you when it is election time for the next libturd. Just know your place- bitches.

@ Sims

This has nothing to do with Obama, "your queers", liberals it has everything to do with temper - something that manifests itself also on many comments pages. You know Sims the intelligence level sometimes does not elevate itself above the gutter. So onward - Baldwin seems to favor the Republican party. He has campaigned for locals on Long Island plus Independent/Republican Bloomberg. Also all charges that should be brought against dear Baldwin have always disappeared under mysterious circumstances eg. the people violated refused to file charges. I do think we are talking about money not a pecking order.

@ robertL

Here Here Robert L! This has everything to do with Obama! If Baldwin was a conservative he would be lynched by the media. Don't think for a minute Baldwin is not protected. Long Island? Well- we all have our cross to bear. FYI- I don't give 2 shits if a person is a rope sucker or if they whistle in the Wheatfield but if you ain't seen this double standard then youve been spending to much time talking to people in the Hamptons , my friend.

@ Sims

@RobertL- Money? Yeah- always something huh? Usually the people that say money is the root of all evil- Never Had Any. Have you not noticed the ones who never get called out? Surely you have. Obama pulls a lot of weight in the CELEBRITY CIRCLE. What I hope you understand is - this is not about Gay Rights- THIS IS ABOUT KNOWING YOUR PLACE AND IN THIS CASE BALDWIN RIDES SHOTGUN WITH OBAMIE. Don't worry the people have always got Obamacare and it takes a special kind to appreciate that.

@ Sims

You do not talk to people in the Hamptons - one would get arrested. Is not money the fuel for many a double standard.


AIDS =hugs and puppies . Sorry for the thought that I was mad . I'm not . Homo= love to all . I'm just very confused


I thought anybody could be a csucker anyway.


I think it should be against the law to talk at all.


When I lived in Levitown on Long Island in 1948, c'sucker was an anti-gay epithet. His hometown is not far away. In 2013 he knew this.