Amber Portwood Debuts New, Non-Mug Shot Look & Hairstyle!

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Amber Portwood is looking good these days, and not just because she's no longer forced to wear an orange jumpsuit and can sleep without fear of being shanked.

The reformed Teen Mom is celebrating her freedom by creating a new look for herself, and it's a great one! Check out the difference in hair and makeup:

  • Amber Portwood Makeover
  • Amber Portwood Mug Shot (New)

After serving 17 months behind bars, Portwood was released from prison earlier in November, and quickly ditched her previous "mug shot" makeup.

Her post-prison makeover definitely gives her a softer look.

Amber Portwood recently reunited with daughter Leah and baby daddy Gary Shirley (not in the romantic sense) and is trying to get her life together.

So far, so good, and we can only hope she keeps this up.

She also got herself some new clothes (hopefully not at Aeropostale), and no longer uses homemade, prison-style hairspray. Really, it's all looking up.

To note just how big an improvement this is ... see below:

  • Amber Portwood Mugshot
  • Amber Portwood Crying
  • New Amber Portwood Mug Shot
  • New Amber Portwood Mugshot
  • Awful Amber
  • Amber Portwood Mug Shot
  • Amber Mug Shot
  • Newest Amber Portwood Mug Shot
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i love her new look welcome home...amber..philly love you...


I love the new look, its lovely on her


true, you can see she's younger


true you can see she's younger


this is an old fashioned haircut................

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