1D Day: The Top Moments, GIFs

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On Saturday, two days before the release of their new album, One Direction treated themselves and fans to 1D Day.

It involved Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn starring in a seven-hour live stream that included:

Band members lookalikes. Niall attempting 10,000 squats to "get an ass like Kim Kardashian." Harry playing construction worker. A recreated love scene from Ghost. And Cindy Crawford!

Did you miss out on the top moments? Not to worry. You can relive them below, GIF by GIF...

A Hot Workout
Harry Styles GIF

Scroll down to see Liam doing a catwalk, Niall fondling Harry, a toilet paper stacking contest and a whole lot more:

Harry Styles Does Construction
Cindy Crawford GIF
Making Like Ghost
1D Day GIF
Toilet Paper Stacking
1D Day Celebration

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