Zac Hanson: Spit On by Disgusting Fan!

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In Seattle during a recent tour stop with his brothers, Zac Hanson wouldn't let a fan aboard his family's bus, leading to one of the uglier incidents we've seen in awhile: The dude SPIT on Zac!

We're talking full-fledged loogie, caught on tape by a fan nearby. Watch the gross move now:

"This a—hole snuck on Hanson's bus then spit on Zac's face. #hanson," wrote a female fan who witnessed the confrontation and posted the above video to her Instagram page.

Seriously. Even Kanye West has refrained from such a disgusting gesture when coming across paparazzi in his driveway.

Tricia martin

This is my video. This guy was NOT a fan. He was just some random guy who walked by our line. He asked who we were seeing and then started harassing people in line because we were there for Hanson. Taylor and Zac then came out of Neumo's and into the bus. The guy saw this and followed them into the bus. He was IN the bus with them for about 2 minutes before the door opened up and Zac started pushing him off the bus.


Um it wasn't a fan, it was a creep passing by. No fan would do that to them.