Woman Allegedly Raped on Sidewalk, Crowd Tweets Photos & Videos Instead of Reporting it

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Horrific photos and videos of an alleged rape in progress bear Ohio University have been shared on social media, while no one bothered to report the crime.

The woman seen receiving oral sex in the pics and videos reportedly had no idea what happened until the next morning when she saw the images online.

Alleged Rape in Progress

Crowds at the Athens, Ohio, homecoming celebration chose to take pictures and videos and send Tweets about the sex act rather than stopping it.

Many of the graphic pics of incident have been taken down by the Instagram users who originally posted them, but Buzzfeed has published them.

The woman documented in the online materials contacted the police on Sunday morning and reported the rape to the Athens police department.

Police have confirmed that a sexual assault was reported on Sunday, but they have not said if the victim in question is the woman seen online.

One of the photos, showing the man kneeling in front of the woman as she leans against a Chase bank, makes it clear that passersby were mere feet away.

That photo was sent via Twitter to a person who runs a "revenge porn" website, indicating that the photographer was trying to get the thing published.

That Twitter user has since deleted their account, but he/she was not alone.

"Still can believe a dude was ****** *** on court street Saturday night in front of like 10 people," a different Twitter user wrote regarding the event.

Incredibly, that street is just one block away from the police station. Police are still investigating, but the community is already going on the attack.

"Some of us are really angered and disappointed that no one intervened and they just filmed it instead,"said Allie Erwin, a student at Ohio University.

Erwin, who leads an anti-rape group on campus, added:

"Their first impulse was to share it on social media and make a mockery of something that was probably the worst thing that’s ever happened to her."

"There are other people who saw it as her asking for it and think it’s a joke. Basically they’re slut-shaming her for what happened," she said according to Metro.

"The response on social media is kind of heartbreaking."

Police captain Ralph Harvey said that the authorities are taking this seriously and "looking at every aspect and everything that could possibly be a factor."

"Whether (alcohol) was a factor or not may or may not have a bearing on the investigation, so it’s not something we would focus on, especially initially."

"Any videos have to viewed with a grain of salt, even if they are the actual videos, because while it’s believed the video doesn’t lie, it’s one perspective on something."

"A lot of times you get some piece of evidence that’s the 'smoking gun' when in reality that leads you to something else that makes you question something else."


http://www.worldstaruncut.com/... ^ That's the video, full and uncut.
Watch it and decide for yourself if she was "raped".


She wasn't fighting him off. I can see why people didn't help... sorry but she was awake enough to sit up and hold herself up.If she had been passed out...yeah people should report. I am wondering where her friends where ? I had friends that would so things while drunk and when the whole school would tease only then do they call rap. The guy was probably drunk as well. How can anyone say he should know better while drunk but the girl could not? If she had said stop once of fought him..idk I do feel bad for her and the ones video tapping are cruel for broadcasting.

Samantha lynn

Wow, way to not report the whole story. This site is trash and completely biased. I've actually watched the video, and this woman was completely coherent. She knew exactly what she was doing. She's just a classless piece of trash that didn't think her actions would have any consequences, and when she realized she was up for expulsion, she cried rape. At one point she even grabs his face and pulls it back to her nasty crotch. These two even posed for pictures together and with other passerby's after they were finished, and she had a big old smile on her face. This is not rape.


If this played out any other way there would be reason for surprised. I've seen video of robberies, beating deaths etc. where people stood and watched. This is America and any reason to help is getting less likely. To begin with people are afraid to get involved and on the other hand people can't stand each other. Ive seen a husband beating the shit out of his wife in a parking lot- someone intervenes and the wife attacks the guy who helped! This is America and if I'm standing their and you are what looks to be a Obama lover I will let you get your ass beat down and applaud as it happens.


What the hell is wrong with our society!!! Freaken morons, what if you were on the other side of that tweet or camera? I sure hope all these asses never need someone to jump in and help them out!


"no idea what happened until the next morning when she saw the images online.?" WTF. If she was 'out of it' due to date rape drug, alcohol, etc, she woul d have appeared 'drunk'. Double-shame on those who didn't intervene because she would have been unable to ask for help for herself. People, not sidestepping the seriousness of a possible assault, this was a sexual act being played out in public. Dont people have any morals these days? If the guy was masturbating in public, hell yeah he would have been stopped ...AND CHARGED! Even if it this was consensual, there should be zero-tolerance for public display of sexually explicit acts....Just saying


Probably should have paul mccartney rate it. He probably sees nothing wrong with it either.


I don't understand how a woman can be raped via oral sex???

@ Hellion

You're a special kind of stupid, aren't you? Oral sex is still sex. If she says no or doesn't have the ability to consent, yet he does it anyway, its rape. Rape is classified and defined as forced, unwanted sex. Its not narrowed to penetrative sex


This world is going straight to hell in a handbag. I hope that guy gets his DICK CUT OFF!