The X Factor Top 16: Who Will Win?

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And then there were 16.

The final 16, that is, as The X Factor has spent the last two weeks narrowing its Season 3 field down to four sets of four acts each. Who stands the best chance at winning it all?

Let's break it down group by group, shall we?


  • Ellona Santiago Picture
  • Danielle Geimer Picture
  • Khaya Cohen Picture
  • Rion Page Pic

Rion Page has to be the front-runner here. She's only 13. She has overcome a disability - and she can really sing! She's one of the top contenders overall.

Which girl do you think has the best chance of winning?



  • Jeff Gutt Picture
  • Lillie McCloud Picture
  • James Kenney Picture
  • James Kenney Picture

We're casting our early stock with Lillie McCloud. This 54-year old has talent and passion and a loyal fan base already.

Which over-25 singer do you think has the best chance of winning?



  • Josh Levi Picture
  • Carlito Olivero Picture
  • Carlos Guevara Photo
  • Tim Olstad Picture

Maybe the hardest group to call, but Josh Levi won us over this week. As the judges noted, this 15-year old has star potential written all over him.

Which boy singer do you think has the best chance of winning?



  • Alex & Sierra Picture
  • Restless Road Picture
  • Sweet Suspense Picture
  • RoXxy Montana Picture

A group is not going to win. They just can't gather the same  sort of fan support as a single adorable boy or an incredibly talent girl. But Alex & Sierra are a real-life couple and their Grease duet this week was totally awesome.

Which group do you think has the best chance of winning?


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