Teen's Selfie With Laboring Pregnant Teacher: Funny or Inappropriate?

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Florida teen Malik Whiter is being criticized for posting a selfie with his pregnant teacher in the background. She was going into labor at the time:

Best/Worst Selfie Ever?

Malik, clearly, is sporting a big smile as his business lecturer is suffering through what look to be serious labor pains. He Tweeted along with the caption:

"Selfie with my teacher while she having contractions."

Of the seven-months pregnant Susana Halleck, he added, "I told her to smile and she said no." He took the photo anyway to "commemorate the moment."

The timing of the "moment" makes some Rihanna selfies look appropriate ... maybe he was just really excited to meet her baby? Or for class to be over?

The teacher was rushed to the hospital, but it turned out to be a false alarm and both she and the baby are fine. As for the reactions to Malik's move?

Some people got a kick out of it, while others were perplexed or even outraged that he'd choose to show his teacher in such an anguished moment.

Other people in the room were tending to her, in his defense.

While it may not have been the most intelligent or sensitive thing to do in that situation, he wasn't putting her risk, and it clearly wasn't mean-spirited.

On the contrary, really. Look at that smile!

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Awww i smell sum dem nikka luver whyte hoes up n dis thread defendn dey nikkas 4 axin stoopid.... i knew a man bojangles and hed dance for you......a shoe shine boy from kenya w/ a white hoe 4 a mama.....lofl


I find this hilariously funny actually


He's a kid, and I think the teacher is gonna get a laugh out of it later


Why all the racist comments? This has nothing to do with race dumb fucks


Omg get over it!!!! He wasn't hurting the teacher!!!! I would have taken a pic too!


He's a fucking kid....everyone calm the fuck down. WHY does everyone pull race in the story???? He's having fun....it's not about color. Geez people, get a life. I did worse shit than that when I was a teen....as I'm sure ALL of you people did, especially the ones acting all high and mighty.


He's a teen..what do you expect? They are supposed to be inappropriate,irresponsible and do the unexpected. Didn't we all do something "inappropriate" at that age? And like the article says it wasn't mean spirited and she wasnt in danger..as a matter of fact,she wasnt even in labor. So either laugh and say hell with it or move on and be mad by yourself.


And also, I love how there's a bunch of comments saying that since I'm white, I'm "fucked up in the head" and "judgmental". So it's okay for black people to say that but if a white person says something racist, all hell breaks loose? I don't want to live on this planet anymore. God damn.


What the fuck is wrong with people?! There's white and black people being racist in these comments. I would've taken that picture, too. Calm the fuck down.

@ Zoe

It was still a foolish act, regardless of race.

@ Zoe

I agree. We should just leave comments to show them how uneducated they are, and how their thinking that way continues to widen the divide within our country. They won't listen but we can tell them.


And if he was white he be another mentally ill fuck that would have probably shot and killed the teacher and everybody there.! This is over exaggerated! Ya maybe inappropriate timing but his Selfie ain't hurting