Ted Nugent Lauds Government Shutdown, Decries "Monster" in the White House

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To the surprise of no one, Ted Nugent railed against the government and applauded its recent shutdown while making the rounds to promote his new album.

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    Having a debt and continuing to pile on that debt without hesitation translates into: WE don't give a shit about the future, our kids or grand kids. To owe is to be someone's bitch! I don't give 2 shits about Nugent- he is a civilian, taxpayer. Obama and that band of careless democrats are in a push to make everyone government dependent. Healthcare etc. the Tea Party is saying we don't want to shit away the rights and freedoms this country has built. Government Shutdown? I didn't realize it was even running. People who have nothing are backing Obama and those of us who have something will be damned if he ruins our kids future. Obama has an agenda and so do we the people- our agenda is to stop him no matter what gets shutdown.

    @ Sims

    Well said!!! Lame stream media makes it sound like GOP, but that's crap!! Obama wants us to be working or dependent upon the government. Pig.

    @ Bojangles

    Yes, it looks as though the average citizen can't put 2+2 together. Democrats have the traits of a drug pusher-give'em a taste for free and when their HOOKED- make them pay. Blows my mind how he pulled off the gay vote- getting into bed with them just months before the election and how he trashes Russia for their veiws on gays YET HE WILL stand next to Kuwait and KUWAIT won't even let homosexuals in the country and all because of oil. People can no longer think for themselves. This country is in utter disarray and the Main Stream media blames Boehner for wanting to curb spending. I don't think reality will sink in for the "HAVENOTS" until it's to late. People don't blame Nugent for being vocal and opinionated blame your Media for not telling you the truth.


    this is why ted's nickname is: "The Loser"?


    He talks about government bloat. Then he talks about it going back decades. Then he talks about the Obama blame. Nugent has to get a handle on this. It call idiot talk - throw it up against the wall and see what sticks. The blame game is easy. The solution game is difficult.

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