Taylor Swift: Rejected by Zayn Malik?

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Taylor Swift says she is single, happy and relaxed these days.

But that wasn't always the case, according to the new issue of Life & Style.

An unnamed insider claims the singer had her eye on Zayn Malik awhile back and made her dating desires very well known.

Taylor Swift at Film Premiere
Serious Zayn Malik

But "when Zayn found out she was interested, he turned her down," the tabloid alleges.

So, how did Swift respond?

She "swooped in on" Harry Styles and settled for her second favorite One Direction singer instead. But that relationship quickly fizzled out and Taylor hasn't dated anyone famous since.

This all went down more than a year ago, of course, so it's unclear why we're first hearing about it now. Probably because it's totally false and made up.

Taylor, meanwhile, found herself at the center of a different kind of dating rumor last month.

Based on comments made by the artist, some believe that she was calling out the fact that Justin Bieber cheated on Selena Gomez.


Her representative already said that that was untrue and cleared it YESTERDAY. Jeez, i actually used to trust this site. What a waste.


Hire someone who can get interviews instead of posting lies.


stop you lies she already said that the rumor is not true


Wow... Must have been a boring day at the office to write this


Don’t lose respect for Taylor over something that’s not true, that her rep instantly denied! I mean it’s so silly, just think about how those two would look together, she’s like a foot taller than him.


This story is so not true just like her rep said. What a stupid rumor lol. First of all, zayn is so little/short-they would look awful together since Taylor is tall. Secondly Zayn looks like a crackhead he’s so skinny and just nasty looking. Harry is the hottest, tall, dimples, green eyes and look much better with Taylor than that little man. It’s really sad that news outlets are reporting this nonsense trying to create drama when it’s clearly not true. Just think about everyone how ridiculous short skinny, scrawny Zayn would look with tall Taylor.


Taylor..............People Really Love Lesbians Like You.
(I do for sure)


How is it that it get's to the point that Taylor Swift is dating so and so, when it isn't true or has had 10 or 11 dates in the last few years, when that isn't true. What is it with the media getting it wrong. Taylor Swift may have had a few male friends (but friends, not dating partners) and all of a sudden these tabloids report it as more than friendship, and then Taylor may no longer be seeing said friend and it get's reported that she broke the guy's heart. I do not understand what is the agenda for the tabloids to report such nonsense. I only think the tabloids want to report dirt and if they cannot find it, then they will create it. Yes, she does write songs about relationships that have gone sour, but then again, Taylor is a songwriter writing about her honest feelings and are we to judge her for that. To me Taylor Swift is simply a girl like any other but who happens to be very successful and talented. But of course, I assume that her spotlight is going to get smudged by some.

@ Nat

I know exactly how you feel. The media should be ashamed of themselves.


better for you to stop your lies :D

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