Tara Lynn, Plus-Size Model, Featured in Spanish Elle

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Tara Lynn is generating headlines this week for covering the Spanish edition of Elle.

Why all the fuss over a model on the front of a fashion magazine?

Because Tara Lynn is considered a plus-size model and many are now wondering why more women of her body type are not featured in American publications.

Tara Lynn Elle Cover

Lynn - who is dubbed a "real woman" (Mujer Real) by this edition of Vogue -  has graced past covers of Elle France and Vogue Italia, but she has never been part of a spread in the U.S.

Do editors think American audiences would be turned off by her shape?

It's an interesting topic these days, especially as Doutzen Kroes says she feels guilty for being a model because she thinks those in her position set a bad example for young women.

Perhaps Lynn could help change that. Are you listening, magazine higher-ups?


It's sad in today's age that she is considered plus size . I want to see pretty black women on the cover . Not this FAT beaner. She's a fat boat . Too fat to ride this machine


She's not plus size. She's what a real woman should look like. She is beautiful.


spanish people are the most beautifull ones on earth.

@ abe

Yeah- for about 15 minutes!


She looks Fabulous.....Take Care!!


Is that plus size? Wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8in pants isn't plus size.



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