Tami Erin Sex Tape Released; Pippi Longstocking Star Goes X-Rated

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There may or may not be a real Tori Spelling sex tape, but Pippi Longstocking actress Tami Erin has put out ... her own X-rated romp at long, long last.

The long-forgotten actress sold the explicit homemade footage to a porn company after her ex-boyfriend threatened to release it without her permission.

The Tami Erin sex tape star, 39, shot to fame as the pig-tailed star of The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking when she was just 11. Times change:

Tami Erin Sex Tape Photo

She says sold the private tape to the top bidder after discovering she was unable to stop her former lover from releasing it ... which we know is BS.

From Farrah Abraham to Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and countless others, we all know the parties have to sign off for an official release to occur.

Plus, she's even gone full-on Vegas stripper after her sex tape hit the market, making out with one of Tiger Woods' ex-mistresses on stage last weekend.

Pics were snapped at a Halloween party she hosted Saturday night at Larry Flynt's Hustler Club, and in them, Tami puts a mauling on Joslyn James.

Awesome stuff. Everyone picking up their copy of the Pippi Longstocking sex tape today? Or the kids movie that made her famous 28 years ago?

Sound off in the comments below. We really are curious.


lol if anyone wants to see the nude pics they're here http://cumsessions.com/tami-er...


That is sad that part of the movie stars trying to break thru and get famous need to make a sex tape like Kim Kardashian to get famous. I guess it did work for her to a degree, but like Paris, Tammie, Farrah, even Kim would probably be better off of spending their money on acting lessons to improve their talents, then they dont have to pull gimmicks to get famous, they become famous for their real talent, which lasts and gimmicks dont.


Is this the video they have at tamierinsextape.com ? I only saw the screens and a preview clip, but it doesn't look like something too scandalous. Okay, Tamy has this sexy lingerie on in one scene and jumps into the pool naked in another one, so what? My gf does it every now and then and I don't make a sex tape out of it. Gotta give it to Tami though, that ass is something. Makes the whole thing worth watching )))

@ hadley

I have seen it and was very happy with this video


Pippi Dongslogging!

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