Tamar Braxton Defends Julianne Hough Halloween Costume: Totally Not Offensive!

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Forget Snickers or Mars Bars this Halloween.

Tamar Braxton says there's something aside from candy some folks need to take during this holiday season: a chill pill.

The singer appeared on VH1's The Big Morning Buzz yesterday and was asked about the controversy surrounding Julianne Hough's Halloween costume.

Was Tamar, as an African-American, offended by the dancer donning blackface in order to resemble a character from the show Orange is the New Black?

Please, Braxton said!

Comparing Hough's appearance to more of a "spray tan" than blackface, Tamar said critics need to calm the heck down.

"I think people are on team too much right now, cause it's Halloween, and you should go dressed as you want to," she said. "Would you be offended if I wore a conehead and painted myself white? I mean, it's not like you are trying to be racist or offensive or anything like that."

This is the opposite view from that of Wendy Williams, who called Hough out this week for being ignorant and somehow even brought her Mormonism into it.

"You're drunk by the time you figure out who people are," Braxton said of Halloween. "It's not that serious. And what she looks like is definitely not offensive to me. I mean, I wouldn't think nothing of it."

Hough has apologized profusely for offending anyone and her brother, Derek, said this week that Julianne is "mortified" by the controversy.

"She's my little baby sister and she's the sweetest thing ever," said Derek "She is just beyond beside herself. She's so apologetic... She's so so sorry. Obviously, it wasn't her brightest moment in her life, but hopefully we can move on."

Where do YOU stand on Hough's costume?


Seriously people get over yourselves. So should white people complain about rasism every time an african-american portrays a white person? Eg "white chicks" etc
Julianne was just having a bit of fun, dressing up as a character from a tv-series. What's the big deal???


Black produced racism and accusations is a knee jerk reaction and it will never change. If anyone thinks their will be unity because blacks decided to put down the sword is wearing rose colored glasses, it will never happen.


How is racism suppose to end if people keep bring it up? Like really Tho!.... a simple thing as dressing-up as an actor you like or admire makes you a racist. Well Damn People! I wish we could all someday have that true mind of what equality is really suppose to be and then we'd all live such fulfilling free unquestionable lives. THINK ABOUT IT


Racism will always exist in the US no matter what.I'm jus being real.However, there's really no need to label every situation as racism.Personally,I don't think that the situation refered to is one of them.


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Www need to stop all of the finger pointing. We made a lot of progress in the area of racism...these accusations are garbage. Miss Williams you are a racist that wants to keep the fire of hate burning. For tout people be open minded and positive...don't cause this nation to divide...www are one nation under God!


People are too politically correct. What has happened to our country? I miss the days when everyone wasn't whining about every little thing. Get some thicker skin....everything isn't about YOU!!!!


Haven't seen that name in forever.


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