Snoop Dogg Changes His Name To...

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He introduced himself to the world as Snoop Dogg, sipping on Gin & Juice with Dr. Dre.

Then he became Snoop Lion, an alter ego based in the world of reggae, for the 2013 LP "Reincarnated."

But fans must now say goodbye to both these versions of this beloved rapper, as he's left the Rastafarian universe behind to become… Snoopzilla!

The 41-year-old artist announced this name change this week in promotion for his upcoming album, “7 Days of Funk.”

He says it's homage to funk legend Bootsy Collins, who sometimes went by the nickname of Bootzilla. Whatever, man.

It's all good and hilarious to us, Snoopzilla. Which name do you like best for the star, readers?


I have to give it to Snoop-life has never been better for a brother trying to get paid He has tapped into a gold mine. This MF'er has a Carte Blanche Platinum pass to say & do anything he wants because he is a black celebrity not to mention a rapper. He's got Miley Cyrus smoking weed with him, he has Kate Upton SUCKING his rope in order to get a commercial and I doubt if Kate cares where his dick has been. After all- a no talented white model with no standards.... She got to get paid too! Snoop trashes white america and the white youth cheer him. As we all know.... All things will come to an end and that's when the rest of us will feast. Is snoop helping you? Does snoop reach out? No- Snoop like Obama - their profitability comes in the form of chaos and the more chaotic the youths future is the more they profit. Their survival defends on your disfunction.


Hitting the bong a little too hard aren't we Snoop? Dude just keep the original name jeez!"

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