Sinead O'Connor Writes Third Letter to Miley Cyrus, Threatens to Sue

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Sinead O'Connor is not interested in meeting up with Miley Cyrus.

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    This washed up, ugly ole woman just wants attention. She did have mental problems so what was so bad about what Miley said? Everyone already knew ( except the few like myself who had to ask who this weird looking woman was) If that's the only way you can get your name out there, then you are still kinda crazy.



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    That bitch oconner started it and to hell with her mental issues , if you a druggy don't blame it on her talking about it Miley can say whatever she wants.. She started it now she be threatening to sue because of the truth well that's what you get for starting a mad poke

    @ cynthia

    Absolutely right,cynthia.


    these ladies hate eachother?


    Let's be honest, neither of them are specimens of dignified womanhood. Sinead has the most hideous tattoos I've ever seen on a woman.

    @ TeeCee

    Sinnead is hideous-period! Miley has been taking a beating for too long. Then she has this phk-head telling her she's prostituting herself for the music business ! Enough is enough so Miley tells her to go phk herself!
    Now she wants an apology? Miley is young and she's going to make mistakes. Let her. Remember Madonna? How about Brittany? They've made some memorable decisions and not always the best but they're still around. Miley will be fine too. Just give her some space.

    @ queenofpoland

    Sinead should be getting ready
    for that Big Tour.Oh yeah, I guess
    she thought going all Anti-Miley
    would Sell some Tickets.
    Loser move,Sinead.


    Sinnead just wants back in the public eye. She can go away now. No one cares.


    Miley's showing her immaturity and ignorance. She should be ignored because it's obvious her parents don't care about her or what she does enough to counsel her about her behavior.


    1 letter Ok, 2 letters overkill, third letter, motives questionable. The more negative the comments made to Miley, the more determined she is to do more of the same.

    @ Spare+me

    It's because of her immaturity, something she says she wants so badly to show she isn't...yet she does with both her actions and her words. She's quickly headed towards one of two things, a mental ward or oblivion because sooner or later the fans (especially any with disabilities) will walk from her weird behavior and angry words.

    @ Frogmore

    Sounds like Miley has her wits about her. I've never seen a more funny response to criticism in my life! Sinead is a hypocrite.


    All I got to say.


    who gives a crap about sinead o' connor? she just jealous because shes a one hit wonder. Miley may be doing some crap that aint good but hell shes still young let her have her fun in a few years some body else will be doing the same thing. people dont talk crap like this bout madonna katy perry lady gaga omg wtf does it matter what miley doing? shes a talent at many things and i mean many...

    @ ashley

    In the beginning, I believe Sinead was trying to give wise counseling. Instead, Miley behaved like the angry rebellious child she is and lashed out at a hand that tried to help her.

    @ Frogmore

    No,Sinead was out of line to speak to Miley on a public forum.
    If she really cared,she could have written her privately.Also, why did she make her rantings public 2 years ago?

    @ lola+d.

    Even though I'm a hug fan of Sinead's music (I have 5 or 6 of her albums) I totally agree, lola.

    @ ashley

    Regardless to whomever wrote her hit, Sinead makes a valid point and you are to fucking dumb to actually comprehend it. You dolt.

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