Sinead O'Connor Writes FOURTH Letter to Miley Cyrus, Pleads: Do the Right Thing!

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So much for the end of the Sinead O'Connor-Miley Cyrus feud.

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    Sinead brought this on herself. Open letters are childish ways to get yourself attention. If she cared she would have reached out to Miley through her contacts in the music industry. Sinead is a has been one hit wonder who needed a boost and is riding Miley's coattails. And Miley, stop with the tongue already....the eights are long over!

    @ mike

    Miley could learn something if she'd listen because Sinead has been there and done all that, and has learned it didn't bring her happiness. In fact if Miley spent time watching the lives of other entertainers, past and present, she might come to learn what REALLY brought them happiness so she could aim to doing the same thing for herself so she could be happy too. Instead, she's headed for sadness and failure, unless she starts making drastic changes. Just watch and see!


    Why should she apologize? No. Sinead is fucked up and leave it at that! Miley did nothing wrong. People keep hammering and hammering at Miley so no matter what she does now, all the critisism comes out. Give her a break!

    @ queenofpoland

    Sinead is NOT FU!!! She's been there and done that, as many entertainers have, and she knows it's not what brings one happiness. If Miley would only spend the time she spends with her tongue out doing a little research on what brought other entertainers happiness and sadness, she'd know how to map her own life to happiness too. Instead, she just closes up, shuts everyone out, and keeps doing the same thing over and over again, each more bizarre than the trick she performed before. She's headed towards unhappiness, maybe even an early death. Just watch!!!


    Go Sinead! Smiley Miley please apologize.

    @ jill

    I don't think Miley needs to apologize. I think she needs to shut up, wise up and look around to see who's trying to help her and who is dead weight in her life - starting with her lame parents. Then she'd come to realize Sinead was just trying to help...persistently, cause she cares about the kid.

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