Sinead O'Connor Pens Second Letter to Miley Cyrus, Asks: WTF?!?

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We had to know Sinead O'Connor would fire back, didn't we?

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    Miley is just being a BITCH... Ignore her.


    How convenient for Sinead to
    blame mental illness on her many
    strange & tasteless acts when she
    was in the public eye.Now she is
    saying Miley is mocking the little
    victims of priests?She became a priest herself.Bhe has a history
    of acting out or being anti-establishment so what she's
    really saying is anyone who is rebellious,as she was, is unsound..She is not one to be giving advice.

    @ lola+d.

    and your ass is not one to be giving it either. Rebellion is one thing if you have a CAUSE to use rebellion but to strip down to get attention your only cause is SELF CENTERED ATTENTION marinated in VANITY & self centered behavior. WTF would you know about O'Connor anyway! With age comes wisdom and I'm guessing you lack both! Scratch that- no need to guess.

    @ Sims

    I know all there is to know about
    Sinead.Do you even know who she is?Do you know how She
    looked in her time or why she was
    banned from SNL?No.Just got to
    mouth off as usual.
    Really Sinead,picking a fight with
    Miley at your age.Going to get your Lawyers after her.?
    Still got that Attention Seeking
    Oh well, glad you still got one wise,aged supporter.


    Sinead O'Connor I LOVE YOU!
    i could not agree more with that woman!


    well, it was just thr "Miley Virus" for the moment. Nothing serious.


    I have the same illness as sinead, so on behalf of everyone with bipolar, sinead, you go girl!

    @ A.

    For sure A. There are a lot of us who have or are suffering, doesn't make us bloody crazy. Stupid Miley.


    Hoping when Miley falls, that she falls HARD. Sad thing is, Chris Brown looks better in my eyes than a parading former Disney whore.


    thanks! hope that gets through to her, smiley miley is hopefully going to listen.


    Miley sucks at twerking


    Lots of bad karma, coming down on miley. She may be riding high at the mo, but she is becoming universally 'hated' and it isn't healthy to have that much hate karma in the world, aimed at your head. Miley has got some nerve to coach Justin beiber by the way. Justin is a little irritating. Miley's like psycho porn.


    Oconner has a point. Miley is more messed up than oconner. Miley will be in her shoes one day. Miley shows signs of being cruel and selfish narcissistic.

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