Sarah Palin Slams Congress For Using Veterans as "Pawns," Poses With Veterans

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Sarah Palin is slamming the U.S. government for using our American war heroes as “political pawns” in the current standoff over the federal budget.

In vintage Palin fashion, however, she is sort of doing the same thing.

Palin led a big rally in Washington to protest the government shutdown that has closed national monuments to visitors, calling such closures "shameful."

The 2008 Republican V.P. nominee feels Congress is using the veterans' plight to play on the sympathies of the American public. Not a bad point.

Political leanings aside, you can at least see why someone would say that ... but Palin was flanked by vets at her attention-grabbing stunt at the WWII memorial.

Pretty much the definition of irony. Good dig at Joe Biden, though.


So Palin shows up for a photo-op at a veterans event and accuses congress for using veterans as political pawns? I want to accuse her of irony, but she does not understand the term.




her wish is to make these people horny or so?


It's a shame the real story can only be seen on Fox News. The truth is veterans benifits have been cut! The other truth is that Veterans of many wars are protesting ( numbers growing daily) in front of the white house and have been barricaded away from being able to go to the War Memorials! The Sick and Ugly truth is that MSNBC a blood thirsty advocate of the Obama Administration is saying that the protest is about the Veternans racist opinions about not wanting a BLACK FAMILY IN THE WHITEHOUSE! What a sorry state of affairs when you have LEGLESS soilders being treated and accused this way, being arrested and SLANDERED by a Government who has betrayed all and can't find the truth within themselves. The want to blame conservatives and they want a NO LIMIT BLANK CHECK from the Republicans & spend all of its to hell! Has anyone seen a benifit from Obama being in office? We can look forward to 3 more years of high unemployment, higher interest rates and bitter resentment. When voting- what on earth were you people thinking!

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