Robert Pattinson: On a Cocaine Bender?!?

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Robert Pattinson is reportedly dating Dylan Penn.

But if you think that news is bombshell worthy, consider a report in the latest issue of Star:

The actor is allegedly making like Lamar Odom, according to the tabloid, having gone on a "cocaine bender" around Hollywood last month.

EEEK! We sure hope R. Patt is okay!

The Twilight Saga stud was "snorting bump after bump of cocaine” in the VIP area of the Viper Room club on September 7 and that was merely the supposed start of this star's drug-fueled run.

“Rob was doing coke all night," a witness tells Star.

"Rob tried to be subtle by scooping the coke out of a baggie with a key, but he was still in plain view of others in the room - and he looked like he knew exactly what to do.”

The evening progressed at the Chateau Marmont, where Rob went "into the bathroom alone multiple times with the bag of cocaine" the magazine states.

The gathering then moved to Pattinson's home, as the actor "suggested that the guy with the coke break out the drug again. He was craving more and wanted the party to continue."

Seriously, dude. Slow down with that stuff. It's very dangerous.

This binge could be a sign of worse things to come, a source tells the tabloid, making it clear what Pattinson must do if he wishes to avoid the tragic faith of River Phoenix or Cory Monteith:

“He needs to stop hanging out with certain people who are not concerned for his well being.”

Amen, Random, Anonymous Magazine Source Guy Commenting on This Almost Certainly Imaginary Story. Amen Indeed.


Won't believe till there are photos.


they say the night of 7th it not the same night the hook with dylan picture in the viper room......


What a waste of great acting talent, bext he'll be in rehab or dead. It's a waste of life to do drugs. Makes me think of him as a scumbag that is shitting on the great opportunity he's been given in life. Hopefully it only a rumor but probably not because almost all celebrities end up doing drugs.


Bullshit......don't believe it at all. Beer and pot, probably.


I believe he's done coke but I doubt he'd binge ,he's smarter than that.


sporting with snoring cocaïne is alot easier..............


Just went to the site that wrote this lie and it said it had to remove the story. Want to know why? SLANDER! I'm sure Robs people will take you to task too! I suggest you take this down. They will get each and every site. Lies will bite you in the ass!


*laughs at u*


This is clearly defamatory and has already been debunked. Why are you reporting on this clearly bogus article. I hope Pattinson sues you and Star mag, both!

@ Me

hi how was it debunked? why would he go from a bar to the drug hotel to his home? was it debunked by his people going around saying it wasn't true? does that make it untrue? also if that damn government reopens and starts giving out bit coins there is going to be a revolution so you may wish to prepare for that--mining on federal lands creating a 16 day distraction getting caught doing that SOPA PIPA lying to soldiers regarding a world war for fuel and anthrax vaccine testing on them and HIV and early first responders and cancer rates for NYC cops it ain't gonna go over well.yes.j

@ anonymous

You're Batshit Crazy! Get help!

@ ellenj49

Bat shit crazy? Hummmm

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