Rihanna on Paparazzi: I Hate These N---az More Than The Nazi!

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Rihanna is not a fan of the paparazzi. That's putting it mildly. In fact, she prefers the Nazis to the celebrity gossip shutterbugs who follow her.

In a manner of speaking.

The singing superstar seemingly took a jab at them when she posted a somber photo of herself wrapped up in a blanket and looking out the window.

The message from her New Zealand hotel: "I hate these n---az more than the Nazi."

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That line is not a Rihanna original. Fittingly, it's from another hater of celebrity gossip, Kanye West, who used it on his 2007 hit track "Flashing Lights."

Seems that Rih, Ye and Alec Baldwin should form some kind of support group.

The paps aren't the only people Rihanna has to worry about these days.

In other news, police have arrested Jonathan Wooper after he reportedly scaled the wall at the R&B superstar's Los Angeles estate Friday morning.

Rihanna's security team spotted the alleged infiltrator and alerted the cops who took the man into custody at 11 a.m. approximately a mile from the home.

This wasn't the only scary event at the star's home. According to the police report, there was another attempted break-in at RiRi's residence in late September.

Authorities are investigating if the two men are one and the same.


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