Rielle Hunter Apology: Sincere or Total BS?

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After years and years of notoriety as the biggest political mistress since Monica Lewinsky, Rielle Hunter apologized this week for her affair with John Edwards.

"I behaved badly," she said. "Infidelity is wrong."

Indeed. But does that make her at all sincere?

Rielle Hunter says her publisher came up with the idea of going through her book to make a revised version annotating all of her regrets and mistakes.

She did so, and plenty of people have commended her for her bravery, honesty and the like. Yet some aren't finding her remorse the least bit convincing.

It's that I don't find her remorse convincing.

She says the right things, and comes across like someone trying to come across as contrite, but here are several reasons some feel she's not ...

  • Shifting blame. Almost immediately after she says she "behaved badly," she wants us to know that she was once "viciously attacked" by the media.
  • Subtle minimization. "I behaved badly," while true, just sounds like you're not THAT sorry. "I behaved horribly" would have been more apt.
  • Vagueness. Hunter is rather short on particulars for a woman who has - and could have been more effective by listing - a boatload of them.
  • The "I Did it for Love" defense. We all act out of love sometimes, but this subtly implies that what she did was due to forces beyond her control.
  • The upbringing angle. "I didn't realize how damaged I was," she writes of her upbringing. Not totally off base, but still a plea for sympathy.
  • "I didn't intend to hurt you" is faux remorse. Her intent is not central to an apology. Also, affairs with married men and cover-ups are premeditated.
  • The lack of humility is perhaps the most shocking. Rielle's apology comes with the self congratulations of a book deal and media tour.

In short ... FAIL. What a waste.


It is scary when people we hardly know suddenly come out and run for President! They all "seem" just fine but we don't have time before the vote to find out about the dark skeletons in their closets.


The comments on Huffington Post are rigged. I will NEVER trust that site again - and I'm a liberal. HP deleted ANY and all NEGATIVE comments about Rielle Hunter. Which makes her entire blog on HP a complete sham. All the comments are GLOWING in her favor. So ridiculous - and totally inaccurate. As to Rielle Hunter's apology - once AGAIN she shifts the blame of her HORRENDOUS behavior to others. It's the media, her parents, etc. John Edwards has to be the most EFFED UP man on the planet for having ANY kind of relationship with this psychopathic woman. Not to mention - he's a HORRIBLE father for putting Elizabeth's children in the position to have to deal with the psycho who wrote that cruel book about their dead mother. Rielle Hunter is pure trash. Quinn Hunter is going to be absolutely horrified of her despicable parents when she's able to GOOGLE herself. I feel sorry for that poor kid. Rielle Hunter did her own daughter incredible dirt - just like she did everyone else. That kid was put on earth to destroy a family and trap a married man. Duh. Quinn will know this before long.

@ In HINDSIGHT Johnny wishes he

Amen to that Hinesight! Rielle is sti playing the blame everyone but yourself game again!

@ In HINDSIGHT Johnny wishes he

Dude...you said a mouthful...PERFECTLY!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!


we here in NC wish both would go away. shes not sorry its all bout the money.


his Anus is as big the doorway now, folks!!

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