Rashida Jones Slams "Whores" in Hollywood, Calls Out Kim Kardashian?

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Rashida Jones cracks viewers up as Ann Perkins on Parks and Recreation.

But the actress was not in a laughing mood this weekend when she took to Twitter and appeared to slam the heck out of Kim Kardashian, along with other revealing social media stars.

"This week's celeb news takeaway: she who comes closest to showing the actual inside of her vagina is most popular," Jones wrote on Saturday, along with the hashtag "#stopactinglikewhores."

Zing and a half, huh? Shots fired!

At Kardashian?

Considering the timing of the Tweet and the fact that Kim unveiled a sexy swimsuit selfie on Instagram just days before, it's hard to imagine she wasn't the main target of Rashida's wrath in this instance.

"There is a whole generation of young women watching," Jones added. "Sure, be SEXY but leaving something to the imagination."

Jones isn't along in her criticism of Kardashian, who has been called out for not acting like a proper mother in light of this photograph.

And she could also very well be addressing Miley Cyrus and other female stars who have become infamous for baring a lot of skin.

"Let me clarify. I don't shame ANYone for anything they choose to do with their lives or bodies," Jones also Tweeted. "BUT I think we ALL need to take a look at what we are accepting as ‘the norm.'"

Finally, lest followers fear that the actress has totally lost her sense of humor, she concluded:

"Also, calling on all men to show me dat ass."

Really, it's only fair, don't you think?

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I hope Kim trashdasian dies from a horrible std quick I'm sure the baboon she married will give her. Can't wait to hear the kids on the playground tell north that her mommie is a whore and fat. Kids say the earnest things and this whore deserves it. God bitch, just die already


I love rashida jones women and girls are degrading themesleves so horribly they wonder why girls are the way they are look at how these celebrity's are displaying themselves these young girls are looking up to kim k, miley cyrus, lady gaga and look wht they show now on tv like everything is based on sex and being sexy its so sad my daughter is 5 and I dont allow her to watch tv I dont need these trashy girls influencing my kids


In total agreement! Does anybody know what morals r these days? Because nobody has them! Wtf who in the world looks at these low life's as role models. Kim k pig, Lady G pig, Miley pig, Ryanna pig, Kesha a pig, the list goes on an on, aka Hookers in Hollywood.... Definitely no role models! Role models.... None in Hollywood.....please keep your f Ing clothes on. Actions speak louder than words! Music videos go away.


White women need to stop acting like wh!res and take this girl's advice.Look at all the STUPID hoes running around doing porno which they WILL regret by the time they hit 30.Buncha worthless c*nts.

@ xo xo xo xo

White women? What's Race got to do with it? Skanks come in all colors. Males are the biggest ones!


These articles are in dire need of an editor. It is kind of stupid to read something that is supposed to be news, yet the damn article isn't even written correctly.


No kidding, thanks for speakingf up. This has gotten out of control


Jones should be the STAR of the day. This "Live & Let Live" mentality is bringing ALL women to an all time low in respectability. Kardashian and others are displaying a persona that represents today's women whether they admit to it or not. Porn Flicks that are no more of an actual leak than not knowing the camera was there in the 1st place.. It's rubbish, it's a 21st century gateway to fame and if you fall short of fame- the flick is still out there-FOREVER! Out of wedlock birth is glamorized as being trendy. The influence on the youth is portrayed in ways that says if you want to fit in then you must look like a Hooker and act like a slut. More women need to come out- your respectability, creditably and your stability depend on it. For young women to cast a Presidential vote based on free contraception or abortion rights ahead of their own financial stability says a lot. Priorities are out of place and young women are being painted in a corner by the rest of society and Kardashians along with many others can take the credit for that. Get the shit out of the street.

@ The Voice

I'm assuming you're already in a warm and loving marriage...at least I hope. At any rate, what do you care what women of today are doing with thier bodies and minds? Unless you actually believe you have a dog in this fight. Face it VoiceOver, this is the way of the world. Best get use to it and move on because you're not going to change anything.

@ What the fuck ever."

I ain't over- it hasn't even begun. I fight for what I believe in. I fight against those who use others and pollute the minds of youth. I FIGHT FOR YOU EVEN THOUGH YOU TAKE THE- WHAT'S THE USE STANCE. The dog in the fight- is not to see it all shit away at the hands of those who exploit others for their own gain. To be gullible to the point where you align yourself with those who only look like you is the traits of a fool. Honesty is not the villain- manipulation is. Have a good day.

@ The Voice

Good day indeed..... :-\


She'd have a valid point but instead she's just coming off like a sour crab apple. Jealous much Shida?

@ What the fuck ever."

I don't think the women like miley or kim is anything ANY woman is jealous of. That's skanky. Now kate Hudson is jealous material. Unless you're a skanky man that likes loose stuff.

@ lynn

Who are you?

@ What the fuck ever."

I'm sure if she wanted to plump her ass up with fat tranfers, butt lifts, and injections, she could. I see no reason for anyone to be jealous of Kim, because she's as fake as a 3 dollar bill.

@ Over It

Well evidently Rashida was angry enough to tweet about it. Too bad she can't say those things to her face. I would've had a great deal more respect for her had she done that. But that's too much like right.