Rachael Sacks, Rich College Student, Slams Poor People For Making Her Feel Bad

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Rachael Sacks, a 20-year-old Manhattan college student, has ruffled some feathers online with a blog post in which she embraces her family's affluence.

The article's unabashed title, "I’m Not Going to Pretend That I’m Poor to Be Accepted by You,” gives you an indication of where she's coming from with this.

“I’m not one of those people who try to be poor to relate to people,” she writes.

Rachael Sacks Photo

“I am sorry I was born into great financial circumstances and my father likes to provide for me. I am sorry I don’t have to go to a state school to save my parents money."

"What do you want from me?”

What sparked this defense of her privileged upbringing, which landed her on the cover of the New York Post - which she embraced with the same unapologetic attitude?

Rachael Sacks said she was snubbed by a cashier and customer at a Gristedes grocery store as she held a “big a** shopping bag” from the Mulberry sale she’d just attended.

“What the f--k? Could they not be that obvious?" Sacks said.

"I should have stopped at my apartment and put my bags down then if they were going to judge me like that. And I got my purse at a 70 percent discount so they can f--k off."

Sacks had to know she would spark an online rage-fest with her essay about how all the rest of us will just have to effing deal with her being a pampered daddy’s girl.

Saturday, standing at the entrance of her daddy-funded Christopher Street apartment, Sacks (above) seemed to bask in the attention she swears she doesn't want.

She later went on to say that “people shouldn’t make others feel bad about their own personal finances,” and that in the end, this says more about those who are jealous.

“It just seems really petty and makes you look bitter and unhappy with your own life if you are casting nasty glares at college girls in Gristedes because you’re a cashier.”

Ouch. What do you think of Rachael's commentary?

Does she have a point about people giving her a hard time for no reason? Or do you think that she should be a bit more humble here? A little of both?

Share your take in the comments below.


Read the article in its entirety. She DOES have a point.


Are you people serious??? I ADORE seeing people prosper like this....I have struggled and I actually APPRECIATE people being able to get through like this....her dad has obviously worked hard to provide her with this life...she happens to be amazingly fortunate...I'm glad for her!!! The haters on here just look ignorant and bitter!!

Missy spears
@ Melrai71

I don't hate her for being rich at all. I just think she shows a lack of class by flipping everyone off and getting bent out of shape over it. So what if someone snubs her. Get over it instead of acting as the spoiled brat she appears to be.

Lindsay nicole adams

Does it matter? Does this girl really bother you all? Sure she acts pretty entitled, my kids do too and we aren't well off in the least.. I'd say we all have struggled with this a bit. How many homeless people have you all given some food to? Offer a blanket to, out of the kindness of your heart with nothing to gain at all? Or how many of you have turned your nose up at the panhandler at the stop light of just off the off ramp? We all have a little ugly... no sense in attacking someone else for theirs.


Good thing she has her daddy's $$, with her personality and looks, she won't ever get or keep a boyfriend.


I think a little of both. While I think she could have been more humble, people shouldn't be treating each other poorly just for the fact they have a different social status. Personally, in economic times such as these, if Daddy wants to pay for her college - then I say go for it. She will not be having any debt in her name after she gets into the real world and will be one step ahead.


Does anybody else see the glaring irony here: this isn't her money she's bragging about- it's her dad's. She herself probably doesn't even earn enough to file taxes. Without daddy, she's as flat broke as the rest of us poor slobs.

Missy spears
@ Melanie



first off her attitude is horrible. and she is rubbing it in people's face's that her father pay's for everything. extremely spoiled to me and if someone said something to her about her spoiled attitude well serve's her right don't rub it in other's face"s that you get everything paid for by your daddy just make's you sound like a jerk and you shouldn't act better then everyone else who care's if your father is loaded he obviously worked for the money you did not and if i were your dad i would make you get a job and see what it's like to be not have alot of money. so when this girl has no friend's because she think's everything is better up on her pedestal well too bad for you sweetheart grow up and acutally be a nicer person...


This girl should use some of her money to see a dermatologist and a plastic surgeon.

@ Chrissy

OMG i was thinking the same thing about her yellow teeth.
im not rich yet i have straight white teeth lol.


Well damn if she's got so much money maybe she could buy a brush some proactive and a manicure for herself rather than a purse...smh


Yes her attitude is horrible. It's not her money she didn't work her ass off to afford that lifestyle her father and/ or mother did. So yeah. It's parenting too if they spoiled her constantly and didn't allow her to develope a conscious that's on them. She's self entitled. Does she know how to budget in case all there stock goes? If her attitude doesn't shape up I'd cut her off her inheritance.

@ Rebecca+Grubb