Rachael Sacks, Rich College Student, Slams Poor People For Making Her Feel Bad

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Rachael Sacks, a 20-year-old Manhattan college student, has ruffled some feathers online with a blog post in which she embraces her family's affluence.

The article's unabashed title, "I’m Not Going to Pretend That I’m Poor to Be Accepted by You,” gives you an indication of where she's coming from with this.

“I’m not one of those people who try to be poor to relate to people,” she writes.

Rachael Sacks Photo

“I am sorry I was born into great financial circumstances and my father likes to provide for me. I am sorry I don’t have to go to a state school to save my parents money."

"What do you want from me?”

What sparked this defense of her privileged upbringing, which landed her on the cover of the New York Post - which she embraced with the same unapologetic attitude?

Rachael Sacks said she was snubbed by a cashier and customer at a Gristedes grocery store as she held a “big a** shopping bag” from the Mulberry sale she’d just attended.

“What the f--k? Could they not be that obvious?" Sacks said.

"I should have stopped at my apartment and put my bags down then if they were going to judge me like that. And I got my purse at a 70 percent discount so they can f--k off."

Sacks had to know she would spark an online rage-fest with her essay about how all the rest of us will just have to effing deal with her being a pampered daddy’s girl.

Saturday, standing at the entrance of her daddy-funded Christopher Street apartment, Sacks (above) seemed to bask in the attention she swears she doesn't want.

She later went on to say that “people shouldn’t make others feel bad about their own personal finances,” and that in the end, this says more about those who are jealous.

“It just seems really petty and makes you look bitter and unhappy with your own life if you are casting nasty glares at college girls in Gristedes because you’re a cashier.”

Ouch. What do you think of Rachael's commentary?

Does she have a point about people giving her a hard time for no reason? Or do you think that she should be a bit more humble here? A little of both?

Share your take in the comments below.


if she is so rich, why doesn't she get her yellow teeth whitened?

@ Vicki

and why aren't her nails and skin near perfection???


My daughter has upper middle class friends. Not rich but have it okay... they act humble. I don't understand why this pos thinks it's fake to act humble. She's rich but smells like a douche


I, personally, believe that she does have a point of being patronized by other people. HOWEVER, she should be humble, and keep her thoughts to herself, because if she didn't like the negative attention of the press, she wouldn't 'add fuel to the burning fire'

@ Megan $

Also, I add that people of "higher class" are raised with morals. It doesn't matter the "class" of an individual. Any member from ANY class can and cannot possess morals and class. It's up to the individual themselves. Not the responsibility of their parents.


She wont understand until she has to make her own money and then she will be the one complaining. Mommy and daddy forgot to raise her with morals.


I dont know what world she is in, frankly, or the world that believes her cloy; college society has far more rich culture avoiding poor culture, than vice versa, because the rich will put out for beers more. People in upwardly mobile society like college will focus on ingraining with the rich, and not acting poor. Out of college, the society of the poor are cool exists, insofar the poor who didnt go to college have to get jobs and can afford their own beer; likewise, if any city plays to the rich its manhattan;


she is just a stuck up girl because she was raised that way, with money. She really doesn't know how else to be. She thinks people don't like her because she's rich. When they really don't like her because she walks around like her shit don't stink and thinks she's everyone's little princess and not just daddy's.

@ megan

I forgot to mention she's not rich her father is rich. So without him who knows where she would be. Until she makes her own money who the fuck cares.


Well People aren't allowed to talk about money circumstances when it comes to the lower class so I think the same should apply to a higher class. just don't talk about money or people or do or don't have it.


Definitely an adolescent response to public attention, but she is just trying to prove a point. I believe she could have been more... humble.... about the controversy, but she is her own person. The number (or lack) of hundo's hanging out in your wallet doesn't make you any less, or any better, than your surrounding peers. It's all just numbers. She's obviously proud of being raised the way she was, just as the rest of us should, no matter the background. And pride isn't necessarily being "snubbish," that's conceit.


I think if your rich and you have no respect for money or the things you have, you hold yourself above other people, you drive around crazy because your rich and you think it's ok, then yeah don't expect to get treated very nice but if your rich and you treat everyone as your equal and your an honest down to earth person... well that kind of person wouldn't be writing a blog about "poor people" . Sometimes money makes the person sometimes it doesn't...idk I guess don't judge someone because their rich or poor but by the way they treat other people.


I think she should try living a week without all the money, bet she will have a different attitude. Or just kick her ass. :) Either will do just fine.