Rachael Sacks, Rich College Student, Slams Poor People For Making Her Feel Bad

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Rachael Sacks, a 20-year-old Manhattan college student, has ruffled some feathers online with a blog post in which she embraces her family's affluence.

The article's unabashed title, "I’m Not Going to Pretend That I’m Poor to Be Accepted by You,” gives you an indication of where she's coming from with this.

“I’m not one of those people who try to be poor to relate to people,” she writes.

Rachael Sacks Photo

“I am sorry I was born into great financial circumstances and my father likes to provide for me. I am sorry I don’t have to go to a state school to save my parents money."

"What do you want from me?”

What sparked this defense of her privileged upbringing, which landed her on the cover of the New York Post - which she embraced with the same unapologetic attitude?

Rachael Sacks said she was snubbed by a cashier and customer at a Gristedes grocery store as she held a “big a** shopping bag” from the Mulberry sale she’d just attended.

“What the f--k? Could they not be that obvious?" Sacks said.

"I should have stopped at my apartment and put my bags down then if they were going to judge me like that. And I got my purse at a 70 percent discount so they can f--k off."

Sacks had to know she would spark an online rage-fest with her essay about how all the rest of us will just have to effing deal with her being a pampered daddy’s girl.

Saturday, standing at the entrance of her daddy-funded Christopher Street apartment, Sacks (above) seemed to bask in the attention she swears she doesn't want.

She later went on to say that “people shouldn’t make others feel bad about their own personal finances,” and that in the end, this says more about those who are jealous.

“It just seems really petty and makes you look bitter and unhappy with your own life if you are casting nasty glares at college girls in Gristedes because you’re a cashier.”

Ouch. What do you think of Rachael's commentary?

Does she have a point about people giving her a hard time for no reason? Or do you think that she should be a bit more humble here? A little of both?

Share your take in the comments below.


I think the girl is paranoid as hell and could afford to do her nails....


She is rich and ugly as sin.


Allegedly rich, but no class.


That Rachael Sacks chick needs to have BOTH her personality and her entire body (from head to toe) run through a local car wash!!!!! FUGLY TO THE BONE!!!!!


You would think she could afford some pro active, make up, a noise job, and something to make her hair look better.. i mean im a guy, and my hair looks 10 times better than that lmao. i guess there just might be some things rich people can't buy... lol obviously she can't buy a heart either. anyways i love going to school with rich kids. because then you could prove how stupid they really are when it comes to science and mathematics lmao.


I support myself and have since I was 18. She sure looks like shit for being "so rich" lol damn I looked better then that when I made minimum wage!


She didn't start this fight. The cashier and customer at the grocery store did. Just because you can afford to buy something, doesn't mean anyone has the right to spew their jealous hatred at you for it. Maybe her family does a lot for those less fortunate? You don't know her ... so don't judge her. I'd be defensive and hold my middle finger up at the haters too, if I were her.


Well I'm guessing she was probably being rude and obnoxious in line at the store and that's probably what the snickers and looks were about...her head is so big and she's so full of herself she must have that they were calling her a rich girl..but I seriously doubt by her looks that anyone even thought she was rich...


oh well...apparently you aren't that rich, because it seems to me you can't even afford some class!!! stay in school and and instead of trying to relate to the poor, try donating your daddy's money or all the time that you spend looking down on others at a soup kitchen or something else more productive!

@ tiff

How do you know the cashier started a fight w/ her? By the looks of her I wouldn't think she was rich by any means especially with the money you see in NYC. She looks like an average little college student. She's not attractive or dripping in $. She assumes the cashier gave her a hard time because she was a carrying a large shopping bag from Mulberry. Really? Who gives a shit. You see people on the streets of NY carrying, Gucci, Tiffany, Louis 's shopping bags etc.. All day long. It was probably this nasty little attitude that started the altercation which she blames on a her being rich. This is her assumption and not fact. I'm sure that cashier could care less. She's a snotty, little, spoiled brat with a bad attitude and this will be the reception she gets from most unless she grows up and learns to respect the working people of the world. She also needs a stylist cuz she looks like crap! Nasty nails, dirty face and hair and the attitude to match. She doesn't look like she comes from money by no means! Paris Hilton looks like money not this. Don't flatter yourself sweets.


I think it's more likely that no one is actually paying any attention to her at all. Poor little rich girl thinks everyone is focused on her. The real world should be quite an experience for her.