Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas Engagement Photos: Real or Fake?

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Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas are reportedly very serious, but some new photos circulating online have sparked rumors that they're already engaged.

Images have been leaked of the duo sharing a romantic once-in-a-lifetime moment, complete with bubbly and an engagement ring. Here's one of them:

Cressida Bonas and Prince Harry (Fake)

Should we raise a glass of champagne to toast the happy couple?

Not so fast. It's a spoof by a jewelry company, 777 Diamonds.

Cressida Bonas may well be on her way to being the new Kate Middleton, but nothing is official yet, even if the royal look-alikes do some nice work here.

It's just to hawk their new line of rings, though. Bummer.

Clearly, the pressure is on Harry to marry if this kind of thing is going on, but he doesn't seem to mind. In fact, he's said to be over the moon with "Cressie."

Cressida Bonas and Prince Harry Photo (Fake)

Harry is known for his sense of humor, so he might even appreciate this sort of thing more than William, who's known as the more serious of the two.

If there's anyone who can appreciate the fact that a jewelry website is concocting faux engagement photos just to shill for diamonds and PR, it's Harry.

Remember the Prince Harry naked pics? Guy has a good time.

Only time will tell if he'll be getting only naked with Bonas for life, but in the meantime, the buzz will only grow around Prince George's uncle and his lady love.


Wow why does everbody keep pointing cressida family being broken, ,,,, well well kate came from a stable family look how she turned out, A STALKER, LAZY, SPOILED, EXHIBITIONIST, how about her famewhore sister, and a brother who is as useless as kate so l would advice u To stop judging cressida!!




I don't know why I wish he would wait a bit longer... I don't know him, I don't know her.. I get a weird vibe about her too sweet to be true...I have no right to judge ...none. zero. I feel terrible for judging this beautiful young lady, my vibes just say not her Harry, maybe the next one, or even the next one.... not your time. She comes from a disturbing home a mother an heir to millions who had who knows how many daughters each one with different man...I'm not judging here.. whatever was making this woman happy, i'm happy for her... but why a woman who is educated ... ok she loves men and no commitment she loves to have baby girls by them.. fine.. would name one of her child a (w h o re) the Greek meaning for Cressida ... there is even a poem written by Shakespeare which is based on the Greek story of the origin of the name Cressida.. "the main question as regards Shakespeare's Cressida is if he took the Greek origin of her name more serious and centralised around whether she is simply a 'whore'" ... Her mother is no stupid uneducated idiot .. if she didn't know the Greek meaning of her daughters name.. they all know Shakspear in and out... What mommy would do that..? Troublesome ... She has 7 sister mother was never around.. raised with strange values and plenty of money, she is still young, didn't learn much in life... has no idea what life is about...she is trouble... she took him to few music shows something he has never done.. she dresses unique ... she wants to be a model... she is creative... she comes from a home that had no rules ... unlike him.. he had plenty... she is free of all obligations ... all he knows is obligations... sure this may look like love... but soon enough he will get tired of trying to tame her.. and she has her entire 20 to live it up... it's not even fair to try to tame her.. she needs to learn about who she is... and coming form a bit different backround not having mother around or father... watching some sisters having father visit... she has a lot to work on... I see what he likes about her... but there is trouble coming .. she first needs to figure it out who she is.. deal with some issues... (I wouldn't like for my name to have its origin from the word "w h o r e) knowing my mothers behavior... I'm sorry if I judged her... She is beautiful she might be perfect.. and I may be totally wrong... I hope I'm ... I wish them all the best if they do get married ...


he hired the Director Paul Verhoeven to advice him?

@ abe

Just for the heck of it - The American Heritage Dictionary Online gives the following definition for "Cressida": Cres·si·da (krs-d)
1. A Trojan woman in medieval romances who first returns the love of Troilus but later forsakes him for Diomedes.
2. The satellite of Uranus that is fourth in distance from the planet.
Nothing in there says "whore". I also checked another online dictionary and it defined the Greek meaning of "Cressida" as gold, NOT whore.

@ Buttonhead

oops - meant that reply to go to AvaSophia

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