President Obama Stops Pregnant Woman From Fainting During Health Care Speech

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President Barack Obama stopped to help a pregnant woman on the verge of fainting during a speech he gave on health care in Washington, D.C., today.

Nearly 30 minutes into his speech, under the hot sun, a pregnant female supporter standing behind the Commander-in-Chief began to feel lightheaded.

Fortunately for the mom-to-be, Obama became aware of what was going on over his shoulder and turned around to lend Karmel Allison some support.

NOTE: This type of assistance is not covered under the Affordable Care Act.

"I gotcha, you're OK," Obama said as he put his arm out to steady her, and went on to joke, "No, no. You're OK. This happens when I talk too long."

Quickly afterward, a White House aide came to escort Allison off the stage as the President continued his speech, which came to end shortly thereafter.

Later, the expectant mother, who revealed that she's suffering from Type 1 Diabetes, made sure to extend her gratitude to POTUS on Twitter:

"I'm ok world - just got a little lightheaded.Thanks, @BarackObama for catching me! And good thing this pregnant diabetic is pregnant :)."

For his part, Obama sought to quell some of the lingering doubts and frustration with the new health care law, which has been embroiled in controversy.

Not only did it play a role in the government shutdown, but the program's long-awaited rollout this month has been marred by technical glitches galore.

"Our goal has always been to declare that in this country the security of health care is not a privilege for a fortunate few, it's a right for all to enjoy," he said.

"That's what the Affordable Care Act's all about. That's it's promise. And I intend to deliver on that promise. Thank you very much, everybody. God bless you."

Obamacare: Save it or sink it?


Let's see if I have this right... Obama and his Healthcare system will have control of my Medical records? So- if my niece has an abortion 3 years from now and applies for a job at the Post Office or let's say a day care 3 years later, then that person interveiwing her could be sitting across the table with that abortion record in their hands. Who voted for this peckerhead. Who ever did- I cannot stand you.


I want to see Obama come out and speak on the group of BLACK teens that drug a white couple put of their car and beat them TODAY in Brooklyn.


The main stream media has been covering this guys ass from the moment he took office. He has bungled everything he touched. I voted for him the 1st time and I would never admit to that in person. I work and my insurance premiums are already going up. This group of democratic individuals do nothing but lie and take my taxes to provide for people that don't even pay federal income tax. It's a disgrace.


The United States has 10 million more people on Food Stamps than Canada's total Population. The eastern part of Canada is over ran with Muslims that have been in Canada temporarily that have the same benifits as 4th generation Canadians. Is that fair? No it is not. So stop with the Canada crap. Obamacare- do you know any 18-22 yr olds that give a damn about healthcare? They are bullet proof. So who will sign up. Do you know any 65 year old women that will benifit from pregnancy benifits? This is a one size fits all and the working stiff - his premiums will go up in order to once again- take care of others. It will not work unless they tax you 60 cents on the dollar and that's where it's going.


Okay except Obama care is so no where near the same as Canadian health care. Defund it. Or make it a choice!


Obamacare is a disaster created to have the working taxpayers provide just one more reason why people should not have to work.


Excuse me.. "the voice" but how can you find health care for all unfair? I'm from Canada and here we pay health care through our taxes and I can walk into a hospital at ANY time and not have to pay cent and yes my tax dollars pay for unemployeed peoples health care as well but I would rather have a healthy country then have to pay everytime i needed a check-up and I would gladly pay for less fortunate peoples health care as well if it meant they got the treatment they DESERVE! I'm happy to live in Canada, in fact im proud .. so many of the americans are so selfish and greedy!

@ JessicaB

This not canda- lots more people- especially out of work and I will pay for their care. My kids cant get college grants but theirs can. I can't draw food stamps but they can. Welfare etc. why should they want to work? Go back to Canada and stay out of the way. Canada is a Nanny State and your Government healthcare is barely holding on because of you massive number of immigrants. Please- you don't know what you are talking.

@ The Voice

ok Voice, you want to defend your beliefs by insulting another country? you should be ashamed of yourself, besides you know far too well America has a higher immigrant rate. Go keep being selfish all you want but I can guarantee there are more people out there with a heart like Jessica put the needs of the plenty ahead of the need of the selfish.

@ Sandra

Then go to Canada and move in with her.


How ironic, the thought of the Obamacare disaster would make most weak at the knees. How does all this affordable care work? How do you make someone pay that doesn't work? If they get this care- then who pays for it? Has anyone benefitted from voting for him? Even just one thing? If I wanted to learn how to bake I would have voted for a Baker. If I need this economy to turn around so I could have a job, I would have voted for ROMNEY. Never in the History of this Nation has life been in this much of disarray. He has succeeded at nothing but cause Division, play the race card and blame every person that doesn't follow his ideology. Race relations were better in the 60's. Prosperity was embraced more after WW2. We are FREE FALLING and there is no sign of a bottom. All he has done is to give the hopeless comfort & an excuse to continue to be Hopless. Next time you go to the polls you make want to remember- the one who talks the most about understanding your pain & they do nothing but blame the previous guy---that's the one who is lying.

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