Pink Slams Parenting Critics, Defends Husband in Epic Twitter Rant

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Pink is lashing out against her critics, and creating something of an open forum, when it comes to those who have problems with her parenting skills.

The issue? Over the weekend, the 34-year-old's retired motorcycle racer husband, Carey Hart, took the couple's two-year-old daughter out for a a ride.

"Been waiting for this day for a very long time. Willz went for her 1st ride on my motorcycle around the pits today," he wrote. "She was pumped the whole time."

"When we stopped, she gave me a big hug and said it was fun, thank you Papa. That's my girl," the happy dad captioned on the split-screen shot (below).

What was meant to be a sweet moment unleashed the venom of fans worried for the girl's safety, though, and Pink had a pointed response to them:

"If any of u have more experience on a bike than my husband, then I will listen to your opinions on how he should take my daughter for a ride," she said.

"I can't promise I will care, but I will listen none the less."

Pink, Carey Hart Picture
Carey Hart, Daughter

The conversation then turned into a blunt exchange, with Pink defending her actions and sarcastically entertaining comments from her 20 million followers.

"Wait until she's 16 and let her decide for herself. Bikes are no joke!" wrote one, which was followed by her reply, "Yeah ok. I've never met you but that's great."

Another fan expressed, "Honestly... I wouldn't like the idea of a child so young being on a bike." Pink shot back, "Then I don't recommend it for your child."

Between re-tweets, the singer commented, "This is fun."

Indeed. Especially her final kiss-off to the haters:

"M'kay I'm gonna go now. Gotta figure out what wills is wearing tomorrow for her MANIACAL MOTO MANIA!!!!!! Gotta pack veggies too! Organic!"

Game, set, match? Tell us: Carey taking Willow riding ...


o dear. dont come my way. for a while we tight race elite-university graduates of professional backing lived on a rural deer farm and my tough as boots toddlers fave fun was standing in back of pickup and hanging onto rail while it bounced around. she LOVED sitting in the back window of the tractor hanging on for dear life while it bounced up and down the hillsides. o ya, nothing better than pealing around on the dirt bike (altho i did have her wearing a helmet for that one). when tiny little one couldnt manage high octane she would take a 'cow stick' and go out herding the animals through their paddock. the photos are gorgeous, nothing like a happy kid, is there? she went on to acrobatics/ gymnastics in her teens and guess what - no helmets on a high wire. no helmets in her career either, altho judging by the uselessness of a number of her cossetted irresponsible elders there should be. if their kid wears a helmet and he doesnt get carried away why on earth should we be anything but envious.


people are stupid im sure she was perfectly mean this isnt britney spears we are talking about with her baby on her lap as she drives her car, get a life and leave them to live theirs


its their own biz people need to check themselves and leave people alone and focus on their own parenting.Garts on a fun ride Wills


Haha people need to get a grip! Stop sheltering your children! I was riding 4 wheelers without a helmet by myself when I was 4 years old and I'm still alive.


For reals? This is news worthy!? K. Kudos pink for once more handling stupid people like a pro. :-)
Super in love with your song True Love-addicted actually.
Right back to the "issue" - it's not. So let's all go rock out and do things that make us appear less shallow.


Seriously people need to leave stars alone, the man is a pro he wouldn't put his little girl in harms way they are awesome parents. I know people who have done crazy fun things with there toddlers and no one makes a big deal of it because they are not stars why can't we just leave them to live there own lives.


I recall the first time my dad took me on a ride on his motorcycle, I was only 4 yrs old but such an exciting thing for me. my dad was no professional but he knew better than to go fast, he told me to hang on and he held me tight as he slowly drove around. it was short but I still remember the event till today. he also took me horseback riding. we also went boating... no life jackets. he took me hunting. as my father he was always careful and told me all the rules and safety issues. he was always by my side and supervised me. who better to do those things than my own parent. to the person who said wait till she's 16, well if my dad had waited till I was 16, I certainly would not have wanted him to ride with me or hold the shotgun as I pulled the trigger. I would have wanted to be on my own and worse probably without my dad around. I grew up to respect those things and learn to be cautious.
I doubt in my heart that this father like any other loving caring father would put his daughter or son in danger.


I honestly don't see anything wrong. I think they know how fast to ride with their daughter to make it safe and fun. Plus I don't think she'd put her in a dangerous situation.


Pink and her husband are idiots. I don't care if he is a pro or not it is just not safe.


It's their child. He's a professional and I doubt he's going out and whipping around with his toddler on with him. People need to chill out.

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