Pennsylvania Law Bans Strangers From Touching Pregnant Bellies

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Strangers wanting to touch your belly is something almost every pregnant woman goes through. It's often awkward and always a bit of a social faux pas.

Now in the state of Pennsylvania, it's also against the law.

A man is facing harassment charges for doing just that, and Keystone State lawmakers felt so strongly about it that they passed legislation to prevent it.

Yes, it is now illegal for a stranger to touch a pregnant woman's stomach without consent. Crazy as that sounds, it will likely dissuade a few people.

That alone makes it a win, albeit a bit of an overreach.

Don't ask us why a person would go groping the stomach of someone they don't know. It's like George from Seinfeld and his "fabric feel" move. Only worse.

Apparently this is a bad enough trend that one state had to formally stop it, in any case. So quit rubbing cute baby bumps of people you don't know ... cute as they may be.

You tell us: Anti-pregnant belly touching law ...

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What is this world coming too? If a mother don't want a person touching her pregnant belly she should tell the person no. Why make it a law? This is so ridiculous. I don't know of anyone just seeing a pregnant woman and going by to touch her stomach. If it's someone you know normally you would ask if you can touch. So really I don't get why and how this law came about.... CRAZY!!!


25 % of the population of the entire world are incarcerated in American prisons, so yes, why stop there. Lets all go to jail. Since prisons are incorporated as slavecamps for big corps, it just makes more sense.

@ Default+Setteen

No one said anyone would go to prison for doing this. But ridiculous laws puts more people in jail everyday. Means more government money being spent on people for no logical reason.


I didn't have this problem, but then again, I made it very clear that no one (friends and family included) was allowed to touch my baby bump.

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