Pauly D to Baby Mama: Stop Using Love Child For Your Own Fame!

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Pauly D is going about his business with class, but nevertheless believes that his baby mama is shamelessly treating their child like a golden ticket.

In an impromptu interview in North Carolina, the Jersey Shore alum was asked how he felt about becoming a dad, and admitted he's excited and nervous.

"I want to give the baby the best life she ever had," Pauly said, flashing a huge smile and joking that DTF now stands for "diapers, tantrums and formula."

Ba-dum-ching! Is this thing on?!

Wonder how long he's been waiting to drop that one on a celebrity gossip photographer. In any case, he turned serious, saying flat out, "I want my baby."

It's clear he views the baby as a blessing, even though he originally wanted her to have an abortion, and cannot wait to meet her - hopefully next week.

It's also clear that while he acknowledged he's involved in a real custody battle, he wants what's best for the child and that means two involved parents.

Mr. DelVecchio
Amanda Markert Hooters

He is actively pursuing that goal legally, filing for sole custody and looking to have the case shifted to Nevada, where he currently lives and DJs.

Amanda Markert claims she hasn't made a dime off Pauly D and is calling for a peace treaty of sorts. He would like that too, but he's also not buying it.

He kept it civil, but when asked if he felt Amanda was using the child, five-month-old Amabella, for her own fame and fortune, Pauly D didn't hesitate:

"Absolutely. 100 percent. It's unfortunate."

Translation: See you in court.

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Boy, Amanda should have kept her mouth shut about the baby, cause Pauly D is going to get way nasty on the deal. She better find her a good attorney to date at HOOTERS, so she doesnt lose her kid.


no, FOR HOOTERS, asshole!!


Who ever wrote this is a bastard! He wanted her to have an abortion but he's a classy guy...really? He's a douche! He's calling her a bad mom because of hooters while he f^cks girls on tv. Women always gets the shaft! He doesn't want to pay child support because he wants to screw whomever and party while his kid stays with babysitter

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