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A couple in Missouri shared some huge news last week. Literally. Jessica Helmers, gave birth to a 13-pound, 8-ounce baby girl named Karsyn on Friday.

"I was tickled," said Jessica. "I still can't believe she weighed over 13 pounds."

Doctors confirmed it as well. Karsyn Raleigh Helmers was born and weighed in at 13 pounds, 8 ounces. She was delivered by c-section right on time.

The new father, Wesley Helmers, said he still can't believe the numbers.

"They called me in there and did all the other measurements," he said.

"They wanted me to see the weight and as soon as it said 13 pounds, 8 ounces I was like, 'Umm, how am I going to explain this one to the bunch.'"

A good question. As for Jessica, she says she's looking forward to arm workouts with Karsyn. That should help shed the baby weight quickly, if it's any consolation ...

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Attention, NBA General Managers:

Anyone out there seeking the services of a drugged-out power forward with range?

According to TMZ sources, Lamar Odom is binging like a mad man on drugs these days, recently purchasing $90,000 in cocaine during one exchange and freebasing the substance... but he still believes he'll play in the NBA this season.

Odom is reportedly determined to prove all naysayers wrong, telling friends that "everyone wants to see me fail" when it comes to balling again professionally, "but I'm not gonna let that happen."

That attitude is admirable, we guess. We bet Khloe Kardashian would love to see similar dedication to the couple's marriage.

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Dancing with the Stars' Brant Daugherty revealed that his recent triumph turned to terror as a man came at him with a gun after the results show.

"After the show I got dropped off and was walking up to my apartment when a man followed me up with a gun and told me to give him my stuff," he said.

Brant Daugherty on Dancing With the Stars

"It was a complete random occurrence of events and it led up to one of the worst nights of my life - after having such a great night last week on the dance floor."

Brant, who was in the bottom three on last night's Dancing With the Stars results show, was robbed at gunpoint after the previous week's broadcast.

Police say they haven't gotten a report like his in his "very safe neighborhood," which makes one wonder if Brant was specifically targeted in the attack.

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There's a reason Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi has not been in danger on either Dancing With the Stars results show this fall. The new mom has got the moves!

Thanks to an impressive one-handed cartwheel in tandem with partner Sasha Farber, Snook earned her highest score of the season last night. Watch:

The end of their Charleston to "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend" routine was impressive, and earned them impressive 25 points out of 30 last night.

Can Snooki be a real contender to win the Mirror Ball? Are you surprised that the famed Jersey Shore club-goer can do a dance that doesn't involve Twerking?

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In a harrowing new viral video, a group of bikers chase down a man out for a Sunday drive in Manhattan, dragging him out of his vehicle and beating him up in front of his wife and child.

The ugly incident started when 33-year old Alexian Lien accidentally struck a biker who cut him off on the Henry Hudson Parkway.

From there, a four-mile chase ensued, with as many as 30 riders on sport/dirt bikes going after Lien down the highway.

They catch up to him at a red light in Washington Heights and the video - taken by a biker with a helmet camera - clearly shows one of the men smashing the driver's side window of Lien's Range Rover. His two-year old daughter is in the backseat.

Lien, who works as director of the e-commerce firm, was punched and slashed in the face with a knife, according to police.

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Kim Kardashian may be taking her first vacation away from her daughter since giving birth this summer, but North West remains very close to her mother's heart.


As you can see in the following video, Kim has been spotted out in Paris this week with a "Nori" necklace around her neck at all times. Check out the sweet, parental gesture now:

Kardashian and Kanye West are in Paris for Fashion Week - and the trip is clearly having a calming effect on the couple.

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If the following report is true, Octomom has met her match. An Iraqi woman in her 40s, who is already the mother of seven, is expecting 13 more babies.

Yes, she's pregnant with 13 babies. Six sets of twins plus one. A baker's dozen of buns in the proverbial oven. Thirteen fertilized eggs inside her, people!

Positive Preg. Test

The unnamed mom of seven is said to be in her early 40s. Octomom Nadya Suleman, for comparison, was in her mid-30s when she birthed children 7-14.

The woman's husband, Fadhil Al Azawi, a farmer from central Iraq's Salahuddin province, said medical tests and images clearly show(ed) 13 fetuses.

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Note to Romain Dauriac: You should probably hold on to Scarlett Johansson. She seems like a keeper.

With the sex appeal of this actress not up for debate - you have seen photos of Scarlett Johansson nude, right? - we can now confirm that Johansson possesses brains to match that beauty.

In a chat with Interview magazine, the Don Jon star revealed her SAT score. And it's far from shabby!

"I got a 1,080, which was pretty low," Scarlett said. "But that was probably because I didn't answer half of the math questions."

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You're only as young as you feel. At least that seems to be the attitude of one grandmother, who is very much alive on the dance floor in the video below.

She moves her hips. She humps the air. She thrusts like a madwoman possessed and gets LOW like an octogenarian Miley Cyrus ... fittingly, to "Blurred Lines."

We're not just being nice to an old lady, either. She's got skills!

You have to admit, her ability to salsa dance has remained undiminished with the passage of time, and the same is apparently true of her taste in men.

Watch what happens as she fixes her eyes one guy seated at a table and moves in on her target, who seems confused, amused and a little perplexed:

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More like MmmGROSS!

In Seattle during a recent tour stop with his brothers, Zac Hanson wouldn't let a fan aboard his family's bus, leading to one of the uglier incidents we've seen in awhile: The dude SPIT on Zac!

We're talking full-fledged loogie, caught on tape by a fan nearby. Watch the gross move now:

"This a—hole snuck on Hanson's bus then spit on Zac's face. #hanson," wrote a female fan who witnessed the confrontation and posted the above video to her Instagram page.

Seriously. Even Kanye West has refrained from such a disgusting gesture when coming across paparazzi in his driveway.

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