Mom Still Breastfeeding Daughter at Age 5, May Go Until 10: Right or Wrong?

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Australian mother of three Maha Al Musa, 51, still breastfeeds her 5-year-old daughter, and vows to keep at it until age 10 if that's the child's wish.

The circumstances may sound extreme, but her reasoning is familiar and simple.

"I believe it helps boost her immune system. To this day, she is very rarely ill and her temperament is calmer and more relaxed than the other children," Al Musa says.

Whatever you think of her decision, the story has gone viral and sparked debate.

The Australian belly dancer practices extended breastfeeding, much like Jamie Lynne Grumet, the 26-year-old L.A. mom who covered Time last year.

The now-infamous Time breastefeeding cover featured four-year-old suckling from her bare breast, with Gurmet similarly saying she had no plans to stop.

As her daughter celebrates her fifth birthday this month, Al Musa, from New South Wales, says she simply could not care less what her critics think.

Maha weaned her two previous children, Kailash, 16, and Tariq, 13, off of breast milk at age two. In this case, however, she says there's no end in sight.

What do you think of breastfeeding kids at age five: Right or wrong?


Nasty. if she wants him to drink till ten at least not by the breast.she can pump it. And the child wont know any better


Give me a freaking break. My son is 10, is NEVER sick (knocking on wood), and is ultra low key. He was never breast fed. This is garbage.... excuses for bad behavior. Gross!


It's a mother doing what she believes to be right for her baby. If she wants to breastfeed let her do it. She is not harming the child in any way. Yes' she may be slightly over attached, but she is giving her lots of love and care which is what children really need. Some people might find it repulsive, but that is their own opinion, and it is in no way abuse or molestation. And for the people claiming that just because animals wean their young, animals also grow mentally and physically faster than humans. They also abandon the young that they see unfit or are too small. Humans are nothing like animals.


Shame on you for even polling this. Why is this even a story? A mother is doing what she feels is best for HER child.
For those comparing this to animals: some animals eat their young and abandon them as newborns, shall we?
For those comparing this to child abuse/sexual abuse/molestation: SHAME ON YOU! To even compare the two is disgusting. If you've been a victim of molestation/abuse you wouldn't dare compare the two and if you have - seek help immediately for even considering they are the same.
Mothers judging other mothers for making choices for their families - sad!
Grow up people. I doubt her daughter will really breast feed until 10, and so what if she does.

@ HMBheather

He doesnt have to suck it to get the milk


Children are not meant to be breastfed that long... Just as an animal naturally weans its young off of breast milk, humans are meant to do the same. It is not healthy for bone or even tooth development to be breastfed for such a prolonged amount of time.


I see nothing wrong with breastfeeding your child as long as they want to. And even then, i plan on pumping so they can drink human milk rather than animal milk. We were made to drink momma milk....not milk that is made for baby cows.


It's not a choice that I see myself making... But, it's not something I would entirely be against doing for my own children. I plan to wean somewhere around the age of two, though perhaps my plans aren't what matters as much as my child's needs, so I'm fairly open minded. Quite a change from when I had my first child and didn't simply plan to stop breastfeeding at one year old, but thought I *had* to for whatever reason... I'm not sure I even knew why, it was just an arbitrary set limit. The opinion of everyone else besides the parents is absolutely unimportant. I suppose it's only enough to show the general attitude of an immature and ignorant society. To be so against extended breastfeeding enough to say its disgusting or harmful... When extended breastfeeding may only account for all of two or three feedings in a day, what business is it of anyone else?


................deadly wrong ofcourse.(a baby is a baby, she isn't)

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