Miley Cyrus: Totally Alone! Always in Tears! Needing Help!

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Miley Cyrus may be putting on a brave act - and/or exposing a bare breast - but the latest issue of In Touch Weekly alleges it's all an act.

The singer has hit rock bottom, is more fragile than ever and has finally admitted… she needs help. If you actually believe this cover story, that is.

The magazine quotes anonymous insiders who say Cyrus is “destroyed by fame and feeling totally alone” in the wake of her split from Liam Hemsworth. She's also sick of the “constant criticism from haters" and has turned to random hook-ups for solace.

Oh, yes, In Touch actually has published a photo of Miley with her legs spread and screams that she is "out of control," having been with "4 men in 4 weeks."

Those would supposedly be Mike WiLL Made It, Theo Wenner, a "skater-looking guy" and some "male model." This is Pulitzer-winning reporting if we've ever seen it, folks.

Miley Cyrus Tabloid Photo

“She doesn’t have many real friends and is constantly messed up," a supposed friend claims. "She never wants to go home, never wants to be alone and doesn’t want the party to end.”

She also has a scary obsession with drugs and is constantly in tears, according to the cover story.

Are you buying any of it? Do you think Miley will be seeking help any time soon? And should she be? Should Miley Cyrus go to rehab?


Miley is stupid.


All this shit about Miley Cyrus. Shut. Up. She's younger than I am, but I still understand her. She's trying to show the world they can't control her. She's trying to be herself, to be and do what she wants to do. She hasn't lost control. Yes, she's acting out. She's acting out because all you people out there who judge her and think she's "retarded" or "slutty." She's trying to be herself. She's acting out BECAUSE of the negativity coming her way. If I was in her shoes, I'd probably be doing the same thing, in a different way. Everyone would do the same thing, in their own way. You would act out, too, if everyone looks at you and judges you constantly. She's always being judged. Ever since she was Hannah Montana, she's been judged and judged. It's like everyone expects her to be the perfect good girl. Well, she's not. She's not what you want her to be. She's what she wants to be. If you don't like that, then stop talking about her. Stop paying attention to her. Stop judging her. She's herself, and that's all she wants or needs to be. She's a young woman, of course she is going to act out. How many of you can say they DIDN'T go through their wild years? She's simply acting like a normal young woman who has pressure on her to be perfect. She's acting out, having fun, being wild and free. I honestly see nothing wrong with that. I don't like how she's doing it, nor do I really like most of her music, so you can't call me "just a fan," because I'm not. I'm just another young woman close to her age who understands what she's going through. Maybe this world could use a bit more understanding.


Miley get your act together before you end up lost like Lindsay Lohan. I can see it happening. You can be anything. But you choose to act like a little attention seeking mad woman.


she is a attention seeking whore. and I don't feel sorry for her.

@ Brooke

Who the fuck are you to call her a whore?
This article is false anyway; completely full of shit.

@ CrystalThompson

thank you finally someone agrees with me people can't jusy leave miley alone


She needs help i want the new mileyback


This whole article screams FALSE: and I have reasons to back this up 1. She's also sick of the “constant criticism from haters" - okay that's false because if anyone saw Miley document on MTV "Miley the movment" She mentioned on there that "she doesn't give a shit what they say" and that she never reads any of her negative criticism 2. "male model." - He's not a model.... He goes by the name of Cheyne Thomas. He's been Miley's best friend for years now, and they were just having fun. She's not with him nor hooking up with him 3. In Touch actually has published a photo of Miley with her legs spread and screams that she is "out of control," - So now it's "out of control" for a person to spread their legs? So if I spread my legs, I'm out of control all of sudden? COME ON, GET REAL 4 "She never wants to go home, never wants to be alone and doesn’t want the party to end.” - okay if you followed Miley on twitter you'd see the pictures she's been posting. A good portion of them are her at her HOUSE with just her dogs. If you guys ACTUALLY believe these tabloids, pls do yourself a favor and get some professional help, or stop living under a rock

@ Travis

You seem like you know her. You guys must be bff's, you hangout all the time? Yeah. It seems like it. 1. No one wants to admit they have haters and no matter what people say, they always care. 2. You know that for a fact? 3. She is un-proffesional she has kid viewers it is very out of control for someone to do that and for it to go every where. 4. That is very possible. That might actually be the case, but eventually you have to go home. Its not like she has a choice. I live under a rock, but I know bs when I see it and thats pretty much what i just saw.

@ A person

I agree. They can kiss her ass. Well her ass is prob too good for them to kiss. Ha


She doesnt need help. She is just grieving over her break up. Leave her alone she is just living her life. Shes not destroying herself, shes just young.

@ S

Yep that how I acted when I went through a break up an yound


SHE NEEDS JESUS, somebody throw a bible at her damn face

@ idk

maybe i should throw one back at your face, hypocrite!


Whether this story is real or not,the Supergirl does in fact need some help. For whatever reason,she seems hell-bent on destroying herself in a variety of ways. And for someone of her talent's and once beautiful heart---that's just one huge freakin' waste...
Being the most talked about person in the world,is not always what it's all-about,or what it's cracked-up to be. In-fact,there are quite a few things that are way more important...
It is cool to do your own thing, your own way,but---you can do that the wrong way and wind-up doing yourself some grievous harm in ways you never believed possible...I hope that doesn't happen in Miley's case...Such a sweet girl deserves a lot brighter future than that...
If only she'd take a moment,a deep breath(or two) and listen to someone who actually cares about her---whoever she chooses---cause she's got quite a few in family alone! And there has to be at least one or two real friends she could trust(I hope)that will take the time to explain; "This is Not the way. This is copying some of the greatest sex-symbols of 3-decades,but---it sure as hell isn't being Miley. And if you Do bring the real 'Destiny' out to play,and stop listening to people blowing ridiculous smoke up your cute derriere---then---you will be sincerely happy. Not just faking it for the sake of the media..."
But alas,she's being extremely resistant to such things. And until she really reaches out,not only will nothing change---it will in-fact get worse...#NothingWillWorkUntilShesReady...
Good Luck,Supergirl---you're going to need it...Hollywood---out.

@ 2wild42long

Firstly, "Destiny" hasn't been who she is for a long time. That person is LONG gone, I can assure you. Everyone is mad at her for growing up, embracing her womanhood and being comfortable with herself. You're completely right when you say that there are wrong ways to go about "being the most talked about person in the world" (If that's even what she wants,doubt it.) but just because YOUR personal opinions aren't parallel with the person YOU think Miley should be doesn't mean it's the wrong way. It's just not YOUR way. Those REAL friends/family you're talking about? They are RIGHT THERE supporting her, because that's what you do for someone you love; you help them achieve their dreams. You're seriously sitting there trying to say that you know BETTER THAN MILEY what being Miley is? BECAUSE THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT SHE'S DOING. She's FINALLY getting to be herself after having to do something that didn't feel like her for so long and now she only wants to do things that are COMPLETELY her and what she wants. The only thing she "faked" for the sake of the media, was her VMA performance, which almost everyone took way too seriously. She planned that entire thing at it was brilliant. She sold albums and did what made her happy. In what way has her talent gone to waste? In case you haven't noticed she just put out an album recently that her fans loved. She makes good music. She didn't "copy" previous pop artists, although, she admits they are what inspired her. What she did no one had done before. That was original. Deserves a brighter future than what? Being happy and comfortable with who she is? The only thing that she seems to be "resisting" is people who aren't open-minded and people who want to change her. It's not that she's being "fake" or "destroying herself", like you and so many others like you believe. She just FINALLY being herself. I'm astounded that you believe you know better than her what IS and ISN'T being Miley. Because she's doing HER THING. This IS being Miley. You just don't seem to like it very much.

@ CrystalThompson

So if your daughter decided to "embrace her womanhood" by prancing around nearly nude, doing drugs, shaking her "ass" around, and making extremely perverted gestures, you would be at total peace with that? And don't even say yes because you know you wouldn't, your daughter would not be some crazy celebrity, so be sure to imagine that instance in your own home town.

@ Sheeple

If the "drug" you're referring to is marijuana, it's clear you need to do some research/open your mind. I've been where she is, just not in front of the whole world. She's just having fun. Being young. Lighten the fuck up.


U better sick help dear bcos u have become a bad ass bitch!!!

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