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Well basically sinead started it and there isn't such thing as a fair fight. If sinead actually cared about Miley she wouldn't of put the letter out publicly. Not to say Miley isn't a nasty lil ho because she is! She is having her own mental meltdown right now so idk what she is mocking haha.

@ Little.+Monster

Absolutely.She told Miley to keep
her clothes on.Sinead was all
about rebellion so what's she
going on about.Banned from SNL
for ripping up a picture of the Pope.Isn't she a priest now?
No need for her 2 cents.
(great voice though)


What an absolutely arrogant c*nt miley Cyrus is turning out to be.


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Actually Sinead DOESNT HAVE A TWITTER ACCOUNT. you should seriously get your facts straight before publishing stuff like this just assuming. Dnno where Miley got tht pic from but I doubt Sinead ever wrote that.


I get where Sinead was coming from...her heart was in the right place. But Miley just had to be an ungracious typical dumb 20 something by retweeting and rehashing old wounds from Sinead's past. Very classy Cyrus way to show everyone how nature you really are.....SMH,RME :-P

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