Miley Cyrus SNL Skits: How'd She Do?

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Miley Cyrus should do more hosting and less mocking of the mentally ill.

The 20-year old artist took a break last night from feuding with Sinead O'Connor to take to the Saturday Night Live stage as emcee and musical guess... and she was pretty darn funny.

FIRST, Miley mocked the Apocalyptic reaction to her 2013 VMA performance, appearing opposite Vanessa Bayer as an old version of... Miley Cyrus:

THEN, it was opening monologue time, as Cyrus said she would not be Twerking or apologizing, except to one small sect of individuals: “If I owe anybody an apology, it’s the people who make the bottom half of shirts.”

NEXT, Miey turned political, actually appearing as Michele Bachmann for a song titled "We Did Stop" in which she and the SNL crew parodied the government shutdown:

AFTER THAT, Cyrus portrayed Scarlett Johansson in that actress' lost audition for Fifty Shades of Grey:

FINALLY, there was a Miley Cyrus sex tape?!? No, of course not. But the young star turned mighty sexual for this skit:

Miley also performed both "We Can't Stop" and "Wrecking Ball," keeping her clothes on both times. Watch the renditions now and then sound off on Cyrus as host:



This just goes to show you how low this once great show has fallen. I have not watched SNL ever since the evil scarface tina fay destroyed it and all the best cast members jumped off the sinking ship. I looked at the present lineup and said to myself....'WHO IN THE HELL ARE THESE PEOPLE'??? SAD.........


Why is she acting so trashy? Good thing Liam got out whrn he did otherwise his career would suffer too! Whitejackets are in her path if this continues-and STOP with the mocking of people going through mental illness-Shame on you!

@ usedtobeahannahfan-nomo

Hah! You just mocked mental
illness with your 'whitejacket'

@ usedtobeahannahfan-nomo

The only reason reason people still think of Liam is because of Miley.


Nothing about this show has been funny for a very, very...VERY long time. Miley is just another cog in an infinitely vast machine of Saturday Night Live unfunniness.

@ Your Mama

Oooooh, you go, girl. Niggas be trippin!!!!!


She has a face that looks like its dying to be farted on.


will she ever learn to play the fiddle in a compelling way, folks?


Trashy and desperate as usual. Ho hum.


I guess SNL edited out the scene where a herd of billygoats pulls a train on Miley...tijiuanna donkey shows,things 20 something white chix like!


She proved she can definitely sing to those that were sceptical-very impressed! As for the comedy a couple of skits were lame, but the one about the Republicans and the beginning were a riot!

@ ivan

Part of the agreement was to talk about Republicans sure. Finger Fu*king is not really a Repub thing either. Neither is hunching on national TV or home invasions or Welfare. REPUBS SEE WELFARE AS A Moment - Democrats see it as a way of life.


I was going to watch it, got bored and watched something better.


SNL didn't start til 11:45 or so! WTF was up with that. I only saw half of it. So there ya fo, I'll probably wait for the rerun to swing around.....maybe.

@ Kimberly

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@ Kimberly

Beauty rest? You watch it on your own time cause when you come home tonight and I'm there- we won't need no TV. :)

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