Miley Cyrus Fan Gets Tattoo of Naked, Foam-Finger Waving Singer

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Move over, Vanilla Ice.

Someone has taken your Miley Cyrus tattoo joke to a whole new level.

Buffalo tattoo artist Scott Howard posted a photo to Facebook this week of an etching he made for "some poor kid." It features a likeness of Miley, tongue and breasts out, foam finger in hand, wrecking ball squarely under her bare bottom.

You've gotta see this. Click Play to do so and keep in mind: this thing is 100% real.

"There isn't really much story," Howard added on Instagram. "I draw all these stupid things and people actually want to get them done. Never stops surprising me."

Miley actually said the same thing in a recent interview.

She has Rolling $tone tattooed on her feet, after all, and told that publication that "people do f--ked-up shit" when it comes to body ink. As one unnamed young man can now attest to.

We think we know of at least one person now who will be purchasing "Bangerz" when it goes on sale next week.

What do you think of this Miley Cyrus tattoo?


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Hmm the tattoo is actually far more classy and pretty than Miley Cyrus actually is, so it's sort of hard to tell that it's her.


Not real sure this was the type of thing she was actually expecting. That said its pretty funny!


Oh how hard you are on poor miley,after all she has taught our young girls so much,like the less your wear the further you go ,especially if sucking on objects ,also that the intelligence of a mind is a waste of time when you can go far using ones body,also getting naked while swinging is good for helping deal with sadness,smoking pot makes one feel good and now they know of the drug Molly and how good it is.yes we have so much to thank her for ,and not to forget how it's ok to rub yourself up against men as that's dancing

@ Karen

Fu*kin A that's dancing! This is the 21st century. Women the world over have fought for their rights to present themselves as trash- at least some. What's hard to believe is how women walk the earth in disbelief that they get no respect. If Hannah Montana can come across drug addicted, low class slut then why can't everyone do it! I'm just thrilled shitless that we don't have to walk outside and see 2 dogs humping it in the middle of the street because now we can turn on the VMA's and see some (dog) bitch hunching and grinding. It's what every parent hopes their daughter will become and it cost a lot of money to look that trashy. Progress- that's what we call it! Half the dimwits on this site don't have a freakin job but they can get loads of free contraception once Obamacare kicks in and as well they should because Miley's " picked over ass" along with many others do not need to curse this "Hopeless" nation with reproduction.


You've got to be "Dick Brained" to begin with in order to get a tattoo but one of this "flash n the pan" female, it's psychotic at the least.


he must be a F*ggot, Hetero's don't do these things.


It's a very good likeness.


This person needs to seek help.